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If you’re squeamish or you don’t like seeing what happens to your bones when that new trick goes wrong, this probably isn't the post for you.

Action sports lead to a lot of crazy bruises, mental injuries, and a whole bunch of x-rays and stitches that turn out gnarly as hell!

This isn't the most attractive gallery you'll ever come across, but if you're one of the warriors who has taken a few big hits and can appreciate a good/grim x-ray, give us your thoughts on the following slides…

bone 2

Snowboarding. Right arm break. One titanium plate in his upper arm, 10 nails drilled through the bone and 32 staples to close it up.

bone extra 1

This is what his arm looked like after it closed. Ouch.

bone 4

One titanium plate, ten screws and 32 staples later...


This unlucky parent landed on their son's brand new board and had their knee sliced open. You think the X-Ray looks nasty? Take a look at the knee once it was sown up...

bone extra 2

Yup. Next time your kid asks for a new snowboard for Christmas, make sure you give it a good bit of thought before saying yes.

bone 5

This guy took a gnarly fall and snapped his femur, take a look at the next picture to see how they 'solved' it...


bone extra 3

The thing in this x-ray is called a 'trochanteric antegrade nail', and apparently it's holding this guy's femur together.

bone 6

This looks a little like the hospital this poor lady ended up tried to fix a broken wrist with tent pegs.

Doctor's know what they're doing though, right?

bone extra 4

Same with this skiier!

The tent pegs are out again, and apparently they're helping. They don't look like they're helping.

bone 7

This collarbone break came after a boarder caught his edge and rolled his way down a hill. Ouch.

bone 8

See that overlapping bit of white bone there? Yeah that's not a good thing. Just wait 'til you see the side angle...

Bone 1

Ooof! This is the side angle. Surely that's not meant to be like that? This looks incredibly painful... A speedy recovery to the recipient!

bone 9

This dislocation happened on a dryslope, and it looks pretty painful. Hope this got popped back in quick!

bone 10

This BMX-ray looks like a real sore one. Fibula break. Ouch.

bone extra 5

And another. This wrist injury from a BMXer took three plates, five pins and 13 screws to fix. That does not sound pleasant.

bone 11

This ankle injury came from a skiier. The doctor told them it could be fixed with a pin in the foot. Instead they shoved in a three inch nail... Why not I guess?

bone extra 6

And this is the foot all closed up with a three inch nail inside it... em... Never looked better? That's a sore one.

bone 12

When you get a bad break, just chuck in a rake... that seems to be what's going on here. Hard hit from a biker.

bone 13

This guy attempted a method on a quarter pipe. It didn't work. Busted tendon...

bone extra 7

This is how it looked closed up...

bone 14

This gnarly hip injury looks ultra painful. A snowboarder got caught up, flipped out and majorly damaged his hip.

He's back to light boarding and can cycle now, but no more running or long walks. Hope the recovery is going well.

bone 15

Another dislocated arm on the ski slope. No insurance for a helicopter pick up though, so after catching a few gondolas to doctor, the doc failed to reset his arm five times and sent him on to a hospital in the next town. Insurance kids. Insurance.