This Crazy Vehicle is Part Jetski, Part Quad Bike… And All Awesome

5 insane machines designed to combat everything mother nature can throw at them

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The great outdoors is basically out to get you. It’s full of pounding waves, jagged rocks and various creatures who want to bite, maul, maim and generally make you look stupid in front of your mates.

The only way to stay safe is with something equally rugged, preferably a machine that shows you won’t be taking no crap from nature today thank you.

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Thankfully humanity (well, mostly America) has created a plethora of vehicles to do just that, allowing you to stomp all over the great outdoors and have fun while you’re doing it.

And while these might be a bit too petrolhead for some folk, you’ve got to admit they’re pretty cool…

1) The Jet Surf

The Jet Surf is an idea so simple yet fun that it’s amazing no one came up with it before. It takes the smooth, cruising motion of surfing and mixes with the adrenaline rush of jet skiing. Or that’s the idea.

Designed by Formula 1 engineer Martin Sula it features a carbon fibre board and ultra-low emission 100cc, two stroke engine capable of speeds of up to 35mph.

Its designed by Formula 1 engineer Martin Sula

No more waiting for the perfect set or paddling out through battering tides, now you can have the joy of surfing even on a totally flat day. And the potential for tricks seems endless.

OK so this is never going to please the purists (waiting for waves is half the fun after all) but it does have the thumbs up from surfers Jamie O’Brien, Pato Teixeira and SUP maestro Kai Lenny so that’s something.

2) The DTV Shredder

The DTV Shredder is a confusing hybrid. According to Nitro Circus’ Street Bike Tommy it’s an awesome blend of snowboard, motocross and tank.

However as this review comes from a guy who famously chose to use his face rather than a foam pit for a motorbike jump, you might want to take it with a pinch of salt.

It’s an awesome blend of snowboard, motocross and tank.

Basically the DTV is a dual tracked vehicle (see what they did there?) with a skate deck mounted on top. Powered by a 4-stroke 196cc engine this means that you can shred through forests, fields and mountains with ease.

Oh and you can do freestyle too as the nutjobs at Nitro Circus proved by backflipping one.

3) The Quadski

This looks like an idea ripped straight out of an old school Bond movie but if you like jet-skiing or quad biking the Quadski gives you the best of both worlds.

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With a top speed of 45mph on land or water this amphibious transforming quad can change between it’s two functions in seconds making it a pretty impressive all round outdoor vehicle.

Now if they could only make it ride on snow and fly…

4) The Ripsaw Mini

The Ripsaw Mini was thought up by Geoff and Mike Howe, better known as the Discovery Channel’s Black Ops Brothers.

The petrol heads from Maine have built vehicles for the military, the police and movies over the years. The Mini is a compact version of one of the duo’s earliest and most iconic creations, The Ripsaw which holds the title of world’s fastest tracked vehicle.

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The Ripsaw Mini is basically a quad bike on steroids, using tracks instead of pneumatic tyres. Capable of handling almost any terrain with ease, the mini makes you look like a bad guy from Mad Max.

Oh and the nice lads at Howe and Howe Tech have even turned the technology into an epic wheelchair too.


5) The Screw Propelled Vehicle

Undoubtedly the weirdest entry on the list, this strange machine looks like it was dreamt up by Russian soldiers on a lot of drugs. Even the narrator on the video gets pretty trippy.

Powered by two huge drills this screw propelled contraption can travel through mud, swamps, snow and even across water.

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The screws’ large surface area gives incredible traction over difficult terrain and they also work as buoyancy aids when the vehicle needs to get wet.

But despite its bizarre sci fi appearance this idea has actually been around since the 1800s when Swiss inventor Jacob Morath designed a screw vehicle for use in farming.

Admittedly the idea of stoned Russian farmer in an unstoppable machine made of drills is not high on our wish list (they’re mental enough already) but we still definitely want a go in one!

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