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There's something iconic about the backflip.

It's not the most difficult of tricks. It's not even the most spectacular to watch. To make it look good takes real guts.

Many people have had a go at the humble backflip with varying results. However, the true masters of this trick have been the ballsy innovators on this planet. They've taken a humble head-over-heels and turned it into their own.

In honour, we've put together six of the best backflips in the history of action sports...

The old saying goes two is company and three is a crowd... So four must just be showing off.

The visionaries/mad men at Nitro Circus never take defeat lightly. Despite failing to land both a two and three person bike backflip, they decided that four guys on one bike might work.

Saying that, even head honcho Travis Pastrana freely admitted it was one of the worst ideas they'd ever had.

The Nitro crew gathered three frankly insane volunteers from the audience. With a customised rig and Cam Sinclair at the controls, they managed to land this trick for the first time in Perth, Australia, potentially opening up a class for team entries in the next Red Bull X-Fighters.

Legendary sports athlete Aaron Fotheringham, better known as Wheelz, is one of those guys that never quits.

Despite suffering from a spinal disorder called spina bifida, Aaron has constantly pushed the boundaries in wheelchair freestyle. He's right at the heart of Nitro Circus team, attempting everything from front flips and 180 aerials to full loops.FOTHERINGHAM IS ONE OF THOSE GUYS THAT NEVER QUITS

When it came to attempting the world's first double backflip in a wheelchair, Fotheringham needed every ounce of luck.

Even after several painful fails and some distinctly concerned looks from his mates, the 23-year-old star kept pushing until he finally nailed the trick that he describes as his proudest achievement.

What was the first thing he did once he'd landed this insane stunt? Call his mum, of course. What a legend.

There is something undeniably joyful about watching grown men throw full-sized cars around like toys. Admittedly the Mini Cooper Works Countryman is not the largest of 'real' cars but watching this 2013 promo stunt is still pretty sick.

Instead of flicking toy cars over kickers made of exercise books, the Mini team took a 1.5 tonne car to the French ski resort of Tignes and drove it off an 8 metre high snow ramp.

French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit landed the trick with ease, throwing down the gauntlet to all other car manufacturers to make adverts that we actually want to watch in the future.

Setting your stunt against a truly awesome backdrop definitely raises the level for any backflip attempt. Someone who knows this all too well is Kiwi mountain bike fiend, Kelly McGarry.

Among the razor sharp ridges and crumbling sandstone of the 2013 Red Bull Rampage in Utah, McGarry decided that a 72ft canyon was the perfect place to slot in a quick flip.

Thanks to the wonders of Go Pro you can relive the stomach churning view as Kelly seems to float over the gap, taking this death defying stunt in his stride and cruising home to a comfortable looking second place finish.

Scotty Vine has to be one of the most creative snowboarders around. The American is always combining tricks in unique ways, making up new ones and using any scenery he can get his hands on.

Back in 2013 at the Superpark 17 event on Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, Scotty was facing a difficult choice. How could he make a one foot backflip even more impressive?

The obvious answer was to make it a double backflip and throw a nose grab in for good measure, resulting in frankly one of the craziest and most impressive tricks we've seen for years.

Freeclimber James Kingston sees things differently from most people. That's because he can usually be found hundreds of feet in the air dangling off cranes and buildings with one hand.

Kingston's antics shot him to fame after Channel 4 showed the talented Brit casually checking his palms for dirt while dangling off a 250 ft crane in Southampton.

Although this stunt became the iconic image for the programme, it was actually towards the end of the documentary that James really demonstrated how thin the line between genius and madness is.

Kingston travelled to the Ukraine to train with another equally insane freeclimber, Mustang Wanted. Together the pair decided to scale the Moscow Bridge in Kiev in what can only have been a race to see who could get dragged off to an asylum first.

The pair attempted to one up each other by first, hanging over the railing of the bridge and then backflipping on a ledge 377ft above the Dnieper River.

This is almost definitely a once in a lifetime trick and probably the most terrifying we've ever seen.

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