This is (in our humble opinion) the greatest headcam video ever. If you haven't seen it, you need to.

In 2004, a small unknown company called GoPro sold its first camera. And with this small, seemingly insignificant act, a revolution was born.

In the decade since GoPros (and the scores of action camera competitors that they've inspired) have transformed the way we film and follow the sports we love.

Whether it's riding a barrel, hitting a kicker, dropping a vert ramp or charging round a motocross course, action cameras provide a unique and different perspective. One that is now so common it's hard to imagine any of these sports without it.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of the portable action cam as we know it, we thought it'd be appropriate to put together this "best of" compilation.

We obviously can't claim to have watched the millions (or more likely, billions) of hours of footage that've been filmed and uploaded since that first camera was sold, but here are some of the moments that've stood out for us. This is our rundown of the top 20 GoPro videos ever.

If there's any you think we've missed, let us know in the comments below!

The first time we watched this we actually let out an involuntary yelp when it gets to 1 minute in...

It still brings our heart to our mouth every time we see it. Simply awesome.

Because downhill mountain biking clearly isn't gnarly enough already, the organisers of the Valparaiso Urban race decided to throw cobbles, crooked paving slabs and even the occasional stray dog into the mix to make it trickier!

How does Mick Hannah handle all this? Well, watch and see - and look out for the bit where he clears a section of the crowd at 2.02!

Could anything beat a day spent surfing perfect, mellow waves in Hawaii with your mates? Well how about if one of your mates was Rip Curl's pro surfer Alana Blanchard?

The Verbier Xtreme has a reputation as the gnarliest contest in snowboarding. If you've watched that video I'm sure we don't need to explain why.

The UK's James Stentiford earned 3rd place for this run from 2011. We'd have been glad just to make it down that rock-strewn mine-field alive!

You can watch his run from another angle here: