It may be best known as the nemesis of Team America and the evil mastermind behind Hollywood computer hacks, but is North Korea trying to push itself as the tourist destination of the 21st century?

This new, visually stunning clip, Enter Pyongyang, puts a new focus on the capital city of the most reclusive and impenetrable regime - one that many assumed was immune to change.

"The average visitor to Pyongyang is likely to be surprised by the scenes they encounter..."

It's a collaboration between "city-branding" pioneer JT Singh and flow motion videographer Rob Whitworth.

The two weren't paid for their work, but they got their travel provided free and, as is the norm for Western tourists, were followed by a guide who kept a close eye on what they were filming.

Photo: Screenshot

"As is standard for all foreign visitors to the country, we were not allowed to shoot any construction sites, undeveloped locations or military personnel," said JT Singh. "Other than that we were given relatively free reign."

So is this symptomatic of the country trying to tempt in more foreign tourists? It certainly looks that way.

Photo: Screenshot

The Democratic People's Republic has recently opened up its first ski resort, run the first ever Pyongyang marathon and even marketed itself as a surf destination.

Certainly the video captures a very different side to Pyongyang. As Singh said: "The average visitor to Pyongyang is likely to be surprised by the scenes they encounter and are especially surprised about how clean and orderly the city actually is."

So while some may be put off by the fact that there are more rollerbladers than skaters ripping round the Pyongyang bowl, perhaps more adventurers will start heading to the Hermit Kingdom.

If North Korea is not off limits for global adventure, nowhere is.

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