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Be Inspired By Nikon And Icons Of Action Sports Photography

Factory Media have partnered with Nikon to capture some of the most inspiring action sports’ photographers. These videos show the dedication and commitment from the other side of the lens. Watch now to find out more and enter your own images for a chance to win a Nikon camera and a photography experience of a lifetime.

I am Timo


Timo Jarvinen

Timo Jarvinen has earned a reputation as one of the best-respected surf photographers in the business – no mean feat given he hails from Helsinki in Finland, not exactly known as a surfing Mecca.

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I am Dan


Dan Milner

Dan Milner has seen a lot more of the mountains than you’d expect from a man born in Luton. From shooting political turmoil in Latin America to an era spent snapping backcountry powder around the world, he’s certainly earned his stripes behind the camera lens.

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I am Dan


Olaf Pignataro

Olaf Pigtanaro is a true European. Born in France, he has since lived in Germany, Italy and the UK, where he now calls London home. His oeuvre is broad, covering everything from BMX photography to fashion but his main focus is sport.

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I am Daniel


Daniel Wagner

Daniel Wagner has been skateboarding for 15 years and shooting photos for almost as long. He modestly ascribes some of his success to the city he grew up in – the skateboarding Mecca of Stuttgart, Germany – but in reality it’s his talent and his eye for unique compositions that has seen him become one of the best-respected snappers in the game.

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I am Duncan


Duncan Smith

Duncan Smith was born and raised in Farnborough in the UK, a small town famous for its aviation but, he says, “not much else”. It did however, give him plenty of opportunity to get into BMXing, and since he started photographing his friends riding, he’s never looked back.

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