Photo: YouTube

Sharks are not made to be kept in captivity. This was never more obvious than after the sad incident that took place this week.

A great white shark died in a Japanese aquarium last week after just three days in captivity.

The 11 foot shark sank to the bottom of a tank after refusing to eat, according to BuzzFeed.

The great white shark was accidentally caught in a fishing net off the coast of Japan and was brought to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium for visitors to view.

'The cause of death is clear: captivity' - Jason Baker, PETA

However, within days the shark's health began to deteriorate. It's swimming slowed and it refused to eat when fed.

Great whites must swim continuously to oxygenate their bodies and maintain their body temperature.

These huge predators have been held by aquariums before but none have successfully kept them alive.

There are dozens of reasons why captivity is bad for sharks - including their refusal to be fed by humans. You can read more here.

Aquariums have been proved to shorten aquatic animals' lives significantly, as we discovered in our investigation into UK aquariums.