Photo: Heidi Jorg

Mums will do anything for their kids - even hike over 2000 miles - as Heidi Jorg proved when she dropped everything to save her daughter's life.

Elly Jorg-Weyde from Florida started drinking and experimenting with drugs aged 13. By 18, she was smoking meth and shooting heroin. After joining Narcotic Anonymous, Elly looked like it she was making a full recovery, but then she fell off the wagon again.

After getting clean once more, Heidi (Elly's mum) decided to quit her job and take her daughter away from the temptations of drugs by hiking the 2,200 mile long Appalachian Trail with Elly and Elly's brother Jake.

"It's not where you've been. It's where you're going."

So far they've made it to mile 114 and hope to make it to 130 miles this time around, one day finishing the entire 2,200 mile trail.

"Everyone began thinking this was a crazy, crazy idea.  But the love and support from my family and friends has been amazing!" says Heidi.

“I think it’s working. She’s clean, she’s 100 percent clean right now... We hope this journey will allow her to feel a sense of challenge and accomplishment in her life. A new start and a second chance."

Photo: Heidi Jorg

“I feel so much better," Elly told Bay News 9. “I have way more motivation than I thought I ever would. I’ve found an appreciation in the little things. It has made me extremely humble."

Heidi and her family are raising money for the journey on a GoFundMe page - you can support them with their brave endeavour by donating.

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