It’s so hot in this desert that nobody can actually stick around with a thermometer long enough to take a reading. However, NASA astronaughts clocked the surface temperature in 2005 at 159.3 degrees fahrenheit!


Like “The Shitty Beatles" Badlands isn’t just a clever name. The place is so hot that not even people from Essex will go on holiday there. In 2002, due to the El Niño weather pattern, temperatures soared to a tree melting 156.7 degrees fahrenheit.


They sound like the next place Daenerys Targaryen will conquer while semi naked, and flirting with that one fella, but they actually exist. Part of the Tian Chan Mountain range, they clocked up 152.2 degrees fahrenheit back in 2008.


Proving somewhat of a dilemma for Goths who, let’s face it, struggle in the heat, the gloomily named spot in the Mojave desert reached a trench coat burning 134 degrees fahrenheit in 2012


Maybe it’s no surprise that the largest continuous sand desert in the world gets a bit warm. In fact, it once clocked up 133 degrees fahrenheit, enough to melt the tyres of an ill-prepared ice-cream van


This rather nice looking slice of the globe is no stranger to the heat, with it once tipping the mercury at 131 degrees fahrenheit. Despite this, it’s believed that people have lived in the area for as long as we’ve existed. Plenty of time to get it looking so ship-shape.


Despite a generation of 30 somethings incorrectly thinking Timbuktu is in Scotland thanks to kids cartoon The Family Ness, this ancient seat of learning on the edge of the Sahara once hit a ‘taps aff’ worthy 130 degrees fahrenheit.


Once the record holder for the hottest place ever directly measured, until boffins discovered that the measurement taken was invalid, handing the honour to Death Valley, it’s still scorching with thermometers bursting at 120 degrees fahrenheit during summer months.


A staggering one third the temperature of the surface of the sun, McScientists admit they’re McBaffled how these calorific McLumps of McGuff are so scorching.


A combination of the heat and sweat from 150 bodies (that’s 300 arm pits!) in a space designed to hold 60 make commuter train carriages the most vomit inducing hot place on the entire list.

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