Japan: it's the home of the world's best powder - but it's also known for some pretty bizarre pursuits.

None seem more bizarre than snow canyoning. The idea is you put on a harness, strap into a sledge and errrr... ride down through powder.

We think it's supposed to be like summer canyoning, where participants don a wetsuit and jump off cliffs and slide down waterfalls. But in the snow?


Japanese company Canyons claim to be the world's first snow canyoning company - and we're not about to disagree with them.

These lads and ladies are dressed in red boiler suits with pink plastic sleds strapped to their nether regions. They are even equipped with transceivers. Safety first, folks.


They are then sent hurtling head first down a snowy slope. It might look pretty lame, but also kinda fun in a five-year-old-at-a-birthday-party kinda way.

Only in Japan, right?