When you think of origami, you probably picture some delicate Japanese lady hands delicately folding sheets of paper into delicate swans. Yes, it's all very delicate.

Well, not anymore. Because Californian Anton Willis has just come along and ripped up the origami rule book. Anyone looking to read the origami rule book, by the way, is reminded that every single page has already been torn out and turned into an animal/flower.


So Willis, the absolute legend, has gone and 'origami-ed' himself a full-size kayak. Not only that, but this thing actually works. I mean it really, actually, floats. It's called the Oru Kayak (a terrible play on words, we'll admit), and it's made entirely from recyclable plastic.

Whichever way you spin it, taking the art of paper folding and using it to make functioning water transportation is seriously awesome. With that in mind, we've decided to give this ingenious invention the double thumbs up.

The process of folding, and unfolding, stuff has never been so exciting. To see why we're going barmy for origami, check out the gallery below.

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