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Abseiling can be a fun and exciting way to literally hang out with your mates. Enjoying stunning views from the top of some ludicrous drop can really get your heart racing, especially when one little mistake can cause a whole lot of trouble.

Whether you're mountaineering or dropping down a building, there's no doubt that abseiling can be a dangerous sport. Thankfully it's a hilarious one too, where even the smallest slip can result in some truly gutbusting slapstick.

We're not sure if this abseiling fail is some sort of homage to Spiderman or an attempt to create a whole new way of abseiling altogether. What we do know is that the heroine of this clip, Fiona “Flipper" Butcher, is a legend who decided that sliding down a waterfall, upside down on her ass, was way more entertaining than just walking down it like everyone else. Good luck in your fight against crime Fiona!

Abseiling and dance moves might not seem like an obvious mix, but throwing some shapes on the end of a rope is more popular than you think. In an effort to brighten up a team building day for his mates, the light footed Mr Mason decided to try and moonwalk down the side of an abseil tower. The footwork was clearly doing nothing to slow him down, so we're forced to conclude that this abseiling fail must have been a style choice. For your services to abseiling entertainment, we salute you sir!

Abseiling face first is an advanced abseiling technique also known as Australian rappelling. Our best guess is that it got it's name because it often results in abseiling fails with you hanging upside down, clinging on for dear life as all your mates laugh at you. The mockery is to be expected at this point but performing a slow motion face plant at the end is entirely optional.

Helicopters make abseiling look instantly more badass, as long as you actually abseil and don't end up swinging upside down underneath said chopper, screaming for you mum. The sheer number of abseiling fails and near faceplants in this clip make you wonder how half our armed forces aren't currently slumped in an unconscious pile somewhere, under a set of whirling rotor blades.

Abseiling is all about safety, judgement and control, qualities that are completely missing from this clip. In an attempt to demonstrate what happens when a force that thinks it's unstoppable meets an immovable object, this rock climbing nutcase launched himself off a drop and onto YouTube, proving that it is possible to go hard and then go home in the world of abseiling fails.

Most people that work with ropes know how to abseil, but not this guy. His dramatic dismount has earned him a place on our list and, while the swan dive might have looked impressive, we're pretty sure his nuts weren't thanking him for this abseiling fail.

Abseiling is focused on controlling your speed of descent but this guy seemed to miss that part of the training. His high speed abseiling fail got him down quicker than he expected but thankfully he had a couple of mates on hand to make sure he was ok and to bring him some clean trousers when he landed.

Now you'd think that when it comes to abseiling the military would definitely know what it's doing. We've all watched enough action movies to know that when a soldier abseils off a roof there's going to be smashing glass, possibly some gunfire and definitely a heroic pose at the end. We guess that the soldier in this abseiling fail doesn't go to the cinema much, because when he abseils he likes to use his face rather than his feet to slow himself down.

As with most sports, getting started at a young age in abseiling can help you to progress quickly. Learning what works and doesn't work as a kid can save you tonnes of time that you can spend perfecting your abseil skills later on. With this in mind, these two enterprising kids decided that bannisters were the best place for their first attempt at abseiling. As a result of this abseiling fail they learned that actually tying your rope onto something is pretty important and that no matter how much noise you make, dad isn't getting out of his armchair.

We've already mentioned that abseiling face first is a tough skill best left to professionals, because the chance of an epic abseiling fail is pretty high. If you do decide to give Australian rappelling a go you'll probably end up like this guy, staggering his way down the wall like a drunken Thunderbird.

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