Amazing Outdoor Halloween Costumes

Amazing Outdoor Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it's time to get planning your outfit.

This either means: a) scouring eBay for a cheap costume or b) getting the PVA glue out, depending on how lazy you are feeling.

We've hand selected some of the best outdoors-themed Halloween costumes. Some of these are gruesome, other plain genius....

The Zombie Cyclist

Sharp FX

Zombie Cyclist Road Halloween Costume

Now, not many of us will be able to create make-up as radical as this at home, but man that's a good costume.

Stupid Sexy (Skiier) Flanders

Stupid Sexy Flanders Skiing Halloween Costume

Stupid Sexy Flanders Skiing Halloween Costume

Who remembers The Simpsons episode with 'stupid sexy Flanders' in his lycra ski racing get-up? Well this clever person has come up with a perfect replica costume. All you need now is Flanders' voice saying, 'Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!'

The Shark Attack Victim

Photo: Funny Memes

Surfer Shark Attack Halloween Costume

Now, this is cute. If you're taking a couple of kids Trick O' Treating on Halloween, get them to be the sharks and you can just hang in your boardies.

The Rock Climbers

Photo: Costume Works

Rock Climbing Halloween Costume

Genius. We want to be this pair.

The Canoeist

Man In Canoe Kayak Halloween Costume

Man In Canoe Kayak Halloween Costume

"Is that a vagina?" was the first thing my boyfriend said when he saw this outfit. While it might look unnerving like ladies' parts, it's actually a dude in a canoe.

The Impaled Skateboarder

Photo: Reddit

Zombie Skateboarder Halloween Costume

Zombie impaled with a skateboard? We're not sure how he put this together, but it's damn smart.

The Scuba Diver

Photo: The Thrifty Ginger

Lumberjack Outdoors Halloween Costume

Ever wondered what you could do with two giant empty bottles of Tesco own-brand pop? Make them into a costume scuba tank.

This lady smartly didn't wear actual flippers....

The Bird-Friendly Cyclist


Zombie Cyclist 2 Halloween Costume

Guarantee to terrify the bejeezus out of your neighbour when you step out of the house wearing this.

The Gnarly NFL Player

Photo: Reddit

American Football Player NFL Halloween Costume

Ever wanted to make yourself look like a bloody nosed American football player for Halloween? This girl's done a fine job.

The Lumberjacks

Photo: Pinterest

Lumberjack Outdoors Halloween Costume

These guys have taken the hipster trend to a whole new level. Check out that wood splint in the woman's face! Badass.