10 Best Survival Gadgets For All Your Outdoor Needs

These genius survival gadgets could just save your life...

 The best survival gadgets for adventurers

So you’re putting together a list of essential survival gear and survival gadgets to take with you into the great outdoors, and you’re wondering if there are any awesome survival gadgets that you should bring along too?

Of course, there are hundreds or thousands of survival gadgets kicking around on the camping market, so on the back of bringing you our essential outdoor survival guide, we thought we’d bring you a list of some of the best survival gadgets to help you get by in the wilderness.

From portable torches to multi-tools and firestarters, these awesome survival gadgets could make your life a whole lot easier just when you need exactly that…

1) LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw is the ingenious invention that lets you drink directly from puddles or streams without any of the risks normally associated.

The TIME Magazine Invention of the Year winner uses a microbiological purification filter, and comes at a more than reasonable price as well, so it’s accessible not just for the hardcore camper but for everyone who wants it.

Needless to say, this could prove to be a saviour if a real survival situation kicks in while you’re hiking, or even just provide some quick relief from dehydration while you’re on a regular trek.

Price: From £14, Amazon

2) Swedish Army Firesteel

So, you’re stranded alone, you’re wet, you’re hungry, and your energy is slowly evaporating. What do you need to do? You need to get help, but in the meantime you need to build a fire.

No matter what the weather, this Swedish Army Firesteel will help you do just that, instantly creating a spark at 3,000 degrees Celsius which makes making that fire that much easier.

For the amount this costs, it’s almost a crime to go up the hills without one. The thing lasts for 12,000 strikes, is approved by the International Survival Instructors Association, and let’s face it, is just pure genius. A must-have for any adventurer.

Price: £11.95, Amazon

3) Global Sun Oven

Never heard of a solar oven? Basically, it does what it says on the tin, using the heat of the sun to create a usable oven which in the case of the Global Sun Oven, can get up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

At only 21 pounds in weight, it’s light for what it is, can be used even in the cold of winter and is sure to make things a whole lot easier when it comes to food if you’re struggling in the wild! This is one expensive survival gadget, but it’s also one you’re sure to be thankful for.

Price: £299.99, Amazon

4) Power Plus Barracuda LED Solar Wind-Up Torch

A wind-up torch is an essential survival gadget whether you’re looking to survive in a dangerous disaster situation or survive a night by yourself in a cosy tent.

When you’re looking for what to buy though, you need to look at the details – how much effort goes into charging it, and how much will you get out of that charge?

The bad boy above ticks all of the boxes when it comes to those charges. One minute hand cranking give you an hour of light with all three LEDs or 80 minutes with just one, 110 minutes of flashing, and better yet, it’s rainproof and windproof up to an impressive 45 feet.

Solar panels also mean that after one hour of direct sunlight you’ll get 120 minutes light out of it. As far as survival gadgets go, this one is sure to brighten your day!

Price: £16.95, Amazon

5) BioLite Camp Stove

It’s often said that if you’re in a survival situation with a phone that has signal, you’re not really in a survival situation at all.

Being able to directly call for help eliminates a whole host of potential scenarios that could result in serious damage to a hiker or camper in trouble, and so having charge in your phone can be imperative.

That’s where the BioLite Camp Stove comes in. Not only is it a camping stove, it is also a charger, generating power from burning biomass. You would have to burn hours of fuel to get the stove to fully charge your phone, but in times of need it could provide that extra spark needed to let you make that pivotal call. A genius survival gadget indeed!

Price: £119.05, Amazon

6) Hydrapak Collapsible Bottle

This one isn’t a lifesaving gadget in itself, but everyone knows that a water bottle is an essential piece of survival gear, and this is one way to make it that much easier to carry.

While water packs can be punctured easily and can be a pain to refill, the Hydrapak Stash collapsible bottle is super durable and comes in sized of up to 1L. It’d be ideal to carry in your backpack just in case something does go wrong with an original water bottle and your left without a source able to carry water.

Price: $20, Amazon

7)  SunRocket Sunlight

Technology these days eh? That’s right, the SunRocket Sunlight gives you the power to boil water using only the heat of the sun.

Not only could this prove key for your cooking and drinking needs, it could also prove an essential part of any first aid kit, heating water to sterilise for use in treating injuries. It’s not as expensive as you might think either… A genius survival gadget that could make your day or save your life!

Price: £40, Amazon

8) Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit


Okay so this one is kind of cheating. It’s not so much one survival gadget as several survival gadgets… but it all comes in a oner, so we’re claiming it!

You never know quite what you’re going to get into when you’re out camping, so particularly for those who are new to outdoor exploration, this Bear Grylls survival kit is ideal. The 15-piece kit has tools ranging from firestarters to survival blankets to sewing kits and snare wires, as well as instructions on how to signal for attention if it all goes wrong.

Price: £39.83, Amazon

9) Zippo Hand Warmer

Know that time your mate who doesn’t even smoke bought a zippo just because he thought it looked cool? Well he was right, it does look cool, and now you can own one too… for a function that’s actually worthwhile!

This Zippo hand warming gives off ten times more heat than a disposable hand warmer, is re-usable, doesn’t have a flame and works for up to 12 hours with just one fill. Oh, and you’ll look like an absolute boss if you learn how to flick it on properly.

Price: £14.45, Amazon

10)  Leatherman One Hand Tool

A multi-tool shouldn’t be viewed as a knife with a bunch of other stuff attached. In fact, if you’re really after a survival knife, you should get one separate to a multi-tool, a straight-edged, fixed knife which is far more reliable in crucial situations than one designed to fold away.

However, that doesn’t mean multi-tools aren’t useful. They save a whole lot of space in your bag and can provide all sorts of benefits when you’re dealing with the niggles and hassles of camping life. This Leatherman multi-tool makes handling those hassles even easier, allowing for one handed deployment of all 16 features on the survival gadget.

It’s also very easy to identify each tool via imprints left on the handle, meaning this is one of the most practical multi-tools about, which at the end of the day, is why you bring along the survival gadget in the first place!

Price: £104.40, Amazon

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