mike hucker clark balance insane bmx

mike hucker clark balance insane bmx

Remember that kid you knew when you were six years old who was obsessed with balancing on weird stuff? He didn’t pay any attention in class and everyone thought he was going to end up homeless, just trying to balance on weird stuff for the rest of his life?

Well, when nobody was watching, he finally made it to the end of that balance beam, decided to get involved in action sports immediately after and became one of the coolest athletes in the world. All because he wasn’t that into reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar" for the fourteenth day in a row.

ski rail insane balance

ski rail insane balance

Indeed, there are some people out there whose balance, timing, courage and abilities are inexplicably sick, and who blow us away, off our computer chairs, across our living rooms and out the third-floor window everytime we watch them. We really need to stop leaving that window open.

Derek Elmendorf balance insane skate

Derek Elmendorf balance insane skate

Across the spectrum there are so many athletes regularly reminding the rest of us that we are but mere mortals. Of course, it’s impossible to make an entirely comprehensive list of all the best balancing acts in action sports. It would be endless.

But we’re not after the longest manuals ever or the world record for most time spent standing on one leg. We’re after the moments that make jaws drop time and time again. And here are just a few...

1) BMX Flatland: Matthias Dandois Spins Heads

2) Skate: Rodney Mullen Mocks Science

3) MTB Trials: Danny MacAskill Drops Jaws

4) Snowboard: Basti Rittig Rides 84m Rail

5) Surf: Big Bad Waves Get Barrelled Hard in Australia

6) Road Cycling: Vittorio Brumotti Makes Us Question Our Existence

7) BMX: Mike Hucker Clark Blows Minds With a Front Flip...

8) ...And Blows Speed Cameras With This Crazy Hang Five

9) Skate: Nyjah Huston Fades to Black

10) Snowboard: Brandon Cocard and Cale Zima Blast a 68-Stair Rail

11) Ski: Spiralling Out of Our Minds

12) SurfBrad Domke's Big Wave Makes Us Scared of Our Bath Tub

13) MTB: Kenny Belaey Turns Our Intestines Into A Slack Line

14) BMX: Kriss Kyle Leaves Us Seeing Quadruple

15) Skate: Derek Elmendorf Makes Us Spew in a Bucket

16) Road Cycling: Martyn Ashton, Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill Don't Give Us Time To Reach For The Bucket

17) MTB: Danny Hart Makes the Bucket Over Flow

18) BMX: Dennis Enarsons Confirms That No Bucket Would've Ever Been Big Enough

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