Everyone wants a treehouses - whether they're 8 or 80 years old. But why?

Maybe it's some primordial instinct to live like apes? Or just a childhood fantasy come true? I mean, who didn't want to live in that epic palace of a treehouse in Hook.

We've picked out 23 of the very best treehouses in the world to distract you from whatever you're meant to be doing today.... Trust us, it's worth scrolling through.

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

vintage Boeing 727 was originally bought by Joanne Ussary

vintage Boeing 727 was originally bought by Joanne Ussary

This is a genius idea - rescue a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 from San José airport in Costa Rica and turn it into a luxury hotel suite. The furniture inside is made from handcrafted teak, it's got two queen size beds, air con, flat screen TV and views of the ocean. Just check out the interior...





Photo: costaverde.com


Atlanta, USA

Photo: goodshomedesign.com

Atlanta architect Peter Bahouth built three houses, linked by wooden bridges, among the trees in his own backyard

Architect Peter Bahouth from Atlanta, USA built three treehouses in his backgarden (why does everyone in America have such ginormous gardens?!) named 'Mind', 'Body' and 'Spirit'. They're all connected by wooden bridges. Spiritual stuff.

Atlanta Treehouse Peter Bahouth copy

Atlanta Treehouse Peter Bahouth copy

Luleå, Sweden

mirrorcube treehotel sweden

mirrorcube treehotel sweden

Yes, you can actually stay in a floating glassbox halfway up a tree. It's part of the Treehotel in the middle of Sweden. Kind of like when magician David Blaine shut himself up in a glass box above the Thames for 44 days - except way more relaxing.

Oh yeah, and they have a U.F.O. version to...

Photo: treehotel.se

Sweden Treehotel

Zionsville, Indiana, USA

Bonnie and Keith Brauer from Zionsville, Indiana took the rotten ash in their backgarden and transformed it into this domed octagonal Hobbit house. Too cool.

ash treehouse zionsville indiana

ash treehouse zionsville indiana

Auckland, New Zealand


Yellow Tree House en Nouvelle Zélande

Just north of Auckland, you'll find this yellow treehouse restaurant perched in a 40m high redwood tree. It's like having dinner in a giant wooden egg.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant copy

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant copy

Sanya Nanshan, China

Photo: Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort

Big Beach In The Sky is a great name for this wooden palace, tucked high up in an old tamarind tree, overlooking the South China Sea in the Sanya Nanshan region of China. It's just a matter of steps from the sea - and it sleeps six people, so you can literally pretend you're Swiss Family Robinson.

 Rheinau-Linx, Germany

Photos: Baumraum

Created by German architects Baumraum, this ultra-modern treehouse is made of native oak and inside the walls are decorated with tree leaves, so it feels like you're lying in the treetops. Which you, technically, are.

Dordogne, France

Photo: chateaux-dans-les-arbres.com

Treehouse? Check. Turrets? Check? Hot tub? Double check. This has got to be the most well kitted-out treetop pad yet.

Around The Oak, Germany

Photo: Markus Bollen

German treehouse extraordinaries Baumraum are back again with this 11m high hideout. Domed windows, a bed and a sun terrace. What more could you need?

Photo: Markus Bollen

Holmes Beach, Florida, USA

Photo: cooltreehouse.com


It doesn't get more idyllic than this beach treehouse overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, right? Shame the owners were told by the local authorities they had to tear it down (it violated building codes) or face a $500 fine per day!

The Mystery Treehouse

Photo: Pinterest

amazing treehouse

We've no idea where this masterful creation came from, but we like it. A lot.

Vancouver Island, Canada

Photo: Free Spirit Spheres

Handcrafted wooden balls with beds on Vancouver Island, Canada? Yes please.

Photos: Free Spirit Spheres

Long Island, New York, USA

Photo: Pete Nelson

Falcon' Perch, Long Island, New York from Pete Nelson book New Treehouses World

Not towering above us, but probably the cosiest cabin we've seen so far. Apparently it's called Falcon's Nest, according to photographer Pete Nelson who's made an entire book filled with mega treehouses, called New Treehouses Of The World.

British Columbia, Canada

Photo: Joel Allen

Joel Allen HemLoft

Software consultant Joel Allen was left jobless after the company he was working for folded. He ended up meeting a dude called 'Old Man John' at a festival and decided to pursue carpentry. This rad little tree cabin was the result!

Photo: Joel Allen
Photo: Joel Allen


Pyrenees, France

Photo: La Cabane Perchée

I mean, c'mon, that spiral staircase just says it all. You can actually stay here - it's just €129 per night!

United Kingdom

Photo: Blue Forest


Blue Forest build luxury treehouses for a living - and they're based in the UK. Just look inside this one - it's swanky as! It's two treehouses - one for kids, the other for adults - joined by a rope bridge. That secret trapdoor leads to a games room by the way. You can check out more on their website here.

Photo: Blue Forest


Photo: Blue Forest


Bali, Indonesia

Will surfing just be for suits? Credit: Quiksilver

The Resort Spa Treehouse in Bali is the only place you want to be resting your aching limbs after a long day's surfing. You haven't even seen the infinity pool yet...

Port Orchard Bay, Washington, USA

Photo: growld.com

Treehouse Santa Monica

Deer and bear are commonly spotted wandering under this treehouse, suspended 50ft off the forest floor in Washington, USA. Heidi and Paul Danilchik built it to remember Heidi's dad, a keen mountaineer. Read more about how they built it here.

Photos: Pinterest

inside washington

Koh Kood, Thailand

Photo: Kiwi Collection

treepod Soneva Kiri resort in Koh Kood

Fancy eating your dinner in a bamboo pod, hoisted above the forest in Thailand? The Soneva Kiri resort in Koh Kood, Thailand just made restaurant dining even better - your waiters will serve your food via. zipline. I know, it's like something out of Thunderbirds.

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Photo: Trevor Tondro/New York Times


When interior designer Alexandra Meyn couldn't find a job, she knew there was only one thing for it - she had to built in a treehouse... in the middle of a city. She only had a $400 budget, so sourced cheap materials and found windows to construct it. There's a whole New York Times interview with the lady herself here.

Fall City, Washington, USA

Photo: Tree House Point


Just 30 minutes drive from Seattle, you'll find a warren of treehouses hidden in the forest that you can stay in, or even just take a tour around. This one - Temple of the Blue Moon - sleeps two and you can even hear the river from your bed.

Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA

Photo: Bob Coscarelli


I think we've just found the best place on earth. This treehouse is part of Camp Wandawega. It's a proper rustic camp in the middle of the Wisconsin wilderness. I mean really rustic. They even recommend you take this questionnaire before arriving, to see if you can handle toads in the shower and an 80-year-old squeaky bedframe. Still it looks pretty rad...

Photo: Bob Coscarelli


Photo: Bob Coscarelli


Photo: Jacob Hand


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