Hilarious Bear Grylls Twitter Questions Asked By Fans

Bear Grylls has done a lot of controversial stuff during his time on this Earth. Some of it is mightily impressive, to the point where some call him the ultimate adventurer. Some of it, on the other hand, is absolutely revolting, to the point where some call him insane.

Bear is a great adventurer and one hell of a character when he’s out in the wild. There are few people better to watch on television than a man who has no problem taking the guts out of a dead camel and them climbing inside it, just to show what you should do if you end up a bit chilly and you're next to a rotting corpse.

The guy is a man of the people. And of course, once you do something as ridiculous as Bear does on a regular basis – drink urine, eat a yak’s eye, give yourself an enema – people are going to start wondering about your sanity, your private life and about why on earth you do it.

So, we took to the hub of all outrageous comments in the world – aka Twitter – to see exactly what the general public has been wondering about Mr Grylls. Here are some of our favourite questions posted to Bear Grylls Twitter account:

1) What a way to start

2) The Crew

3) Ew

4) We Would Imagine So

5) Probably Not.

6) YES!

8) Probably Not

9) Deep

10) We'd rate his chances...

11) The question to end all questions

12) Probably not

13) This has probably never happened

14) Probably not

15) Probably

16) Lucy. C'mon.

17) Probably

18) Let's go with yes

19) We have never wondered this

20) Almost definitely not

21) Clever

22) We're going to say maybe

23) Probably Not

...But you never know. Care to shed some light Bear?

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