Photo: Reddit

Snow Cabin House Salla Tunturi Finland Reddit

Snow is falling across Europe right now. Winter is finally here and we couldn't be more stoked.

In honour of the changing of the seasons, we've put together this collection of the best snow-covered wintery homes you could possibly ask for.

Hands up if you want to live in one of these....


Cabin House Snow Home

This one looks too good to be true. Snow covered forest, cosy wooden porch... Pair it with a horror movie soundtrack and it would take on an entirely different feel.

Photo: Tumblr


This house is totally amazing. Completely off the grid. Just imagine what the stars would look like from here....

Photo: Yamatime

Cabin House Snow Home Photo Yamatime

You thought you'd seen deep snow before? Think again.

Photo: Pinterest

Cabin House Snow Home Quebec Canada Christmas Pinterest

Quebec does a fine job of looking like a Christmas card, doesn't it?

Photo: Tumblr

Cabin House Snow Home Tumblr

Where do you want to spend your winter holidays? Yep, we thought so.

Photo: Nicolás del Rio and Max Núñez

Chalet C7 Andes Portillo Chile Nicolás del Rio and Max Núñez

Not your usual cosy log cabin in the mountains, but man this view from the C7 cabin in the Chillean Andes is stunning.

Photo: Tumblr

Winter House Home Cosy Christmas Snow Tumblr

Snow, candles, blankets.... What more could you ask for?

Photo: Imgur

Foppolo Italy Mountain-Village-Snow Ski Imgur

Foppolo in the Italian mountains is now on our bucket list.


Log Cabin Winter Snow House

Log cabin perfection. Can we move in now?

Photo: Eco Pod Hotel

Snow Cabin Eco Pod Hotel Home House Films Switzerland

You can stay in this eco pod hotel if you book yourself a trip to Flims in Switzerland.

Photo: Tumblr

Winter House Home Whitby Yorkshire Tumblr

We don't get much snow in the UK, but when we do it looks mighty fine. Here's Whitby in North Yorkshire with a dusting.

Photo: Pinterest

Snow Cabin House Home Cosy Pinterest

Totally pristine.

Photo: Pinterest

Winter House Home Cosy Fairy Lights Pinterest

Ever wondered why women like fairy lights so much? This is why.

Photo: Caroline Gomez

Snow Cabin House Caroline Gomez

Snowy log cabin meets minimalist Scando chic. We like.

Photo: Pinterest

Snow Cabin WInter House Home Mountains Treehouse Pinterest

This log cabin has the extra bonus of being located in a tree. Hell yeah.

Photo: Pinterest

Snow Cabin Winter House Pinterest

Just in case you've forgotten what winter looks like fellow Britons, this is it.

Photo: Pinterest

Snow House Home Deep

Wait, where did our front door go?


Winter House Home Cosy Snow DICORCIA

America, if there is one thing you do well, it is snowy houses.

Photo: Pinterest

Winter House Home Cosy Snow Pinterest

Everyone wants their bedroom window to look out over something like this...

Photo: Tumblr

Winter House Home Snow Tumblr

It might be a garden shed, but we'd swap it for our house any day.

Photo: Pinterest

Winter Interior Home Cosy Candles Pinterest

Did someone say Christmas?

Photo: Pinterest

Winter Log Cabin Cosy Fairy Lights Pinterest

Enough! I hear you cry. It's too much delicious snowy home-ness to bear. OK, we're done.