9 Of The Most Zorbtastic Videos In The History Of Zorbing

...because what's not to love about human zorb bowling?

Picture the scene; it was the 1990s. People had ‘soul patches’ on their faces. Limp Bizkit were running rampant. People were literally wearing their jeans backwards, and if you wanted to get to a specific bit in a VHS, you had to pay more attention than it was worth.

There had to be an escape. There had to be a way to get away from the chaos, escape all society, wrap yourself in a big ball of plastic and just hide from the world.

And then there was. Almost literally, actually. A couple of dudes in New Zealand developed the idea for a see-through sphere made of plastic that you literally climb inside to fall down a hill. It was great fun, and better yet, you couldn’t hear Aqua – “Barbie Girl” no matter how loud it was played when you were inside.

Since then, the zorb has gone on to be used for all sorts of madness. We’ve gathered up some of the most weird and wonderful clips from the internet for your viewing pleasure…

1) Zorb Rotorua – Hitting the Zorb Trails

There’s a lot to be said for the classic zorbing experience; leaping into a zorb and hitting some pre-made trails, diving all over the place and trying and failing miserably to stay on your feet.

Think it looks a bit dull? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It’s hilariously fun. But if you do want to make it a bit more extreme, here are a few ideas…

2) Indiana Jones in Real Life! In 4K!

You can always tell whenever a title has the words “in Real Life! In 4K” next to each other that the Devin Supertramp team are involved. They did the awesome Assassin’s Creed parkour in Real Life video, and this zorb-chasing drama is equally as satisfying. Sign us up!

3) Nitro Circus and the Zorb Ramp

In 2011 Nitro Circus decided that they would put Tom P in a zorb ball, take him up in a crane and see if they could roll him down a giant ramp.

Naturally, it didn’t work that well, and Tom P got very, very angry, shouted bad words for a while and then asked everyone to leave him alone to wallow in his own self-pity. He soon calmed down, had a laugh and tried it agai- wait, no. He definitely did not and will presumably never try that again.

4) Human Bowling – Bear Naked!

Guess who’s behind this fun spot? It’s the Devin Supertramp team again! This time they decided to take those zorbs up a mountain, set up a whole load of skittles at the bottom of a specially laid out track, and launch themselves down.

Sometimes the cheesy music and uber-eccentricity of the Supertramp team can leave people a little bit divided on the group, but love ‘um or hate ‘um, this looks like one of the funnest experiences you can have on snow without clipping in!

5) Zorb-Skimming

If you thought human bowling in a zorb looks fun, then you’d have loved episode one of The Indestructibles, the new action sports television show that kicked off on Dave on 8 November.

Episode one? They put a skydiving legend in a zorb, got him to fly down a zip-wire, release himself halfway, and skim the zorb into a punch of perfectly placed cardboard boxes. Hell. Yeah.

6) Man Tries to Zorb to Bermuda to Promote World Peace

Last year, Iranian Reza Baluch decided he would try and zorb from Florida to Bermuda. That’s 1,033 miles, and unsurprisingly he failed and had to be rescued by the US coastguard.

It did however lead to the headline “Man Tries to ‘Zorb’ to Bermuda to Promote World Peace” being spread across the internet, which is something we can totally get behind. Absolutely hilarious. Especially considering he spent over three days out there and didn’t even get more than 70 miles.

7) The Giant Car Zorb

At a secret military testing facility, where abandoned tanks lay under overhanging helicopters, Nissan unleashes something rather creative in late 2014.

They decided to stick a car inside a zorb, creating the first ever zorb car. This, apparently, was to illustrate how safe their cars were, and imply that any driver would be as safe as they would be in a zorb, their own “protective bubble.”

Unfortunatley, they didn’t stick a person inside the car, or indeed a camera, because it probably would’ve been terrifying and incredibly dangerous. Oh, the irony of a safety video too dangerous to film.

8) Greatest Game Ever Played – Zorb Soccer

You know who we’ve not heard from in a while? Those chaps over at Devin Supertramp! Yeah, we know, there’s a lot of Supertramp in here.

We would apologise, but the team do make awesome videos that get you instantly stoked, and they’re clearly trying to make the most of all those zorbs they bought at Argos, so they were bound to be regulars in this list.

Now, not only have TST been human bowling and recreating Indiana Jones, they’ve also recorded some dynamite soccer – or as normal people call it, ‘football’.

This video has 3.7 million views for a reason, and it’s probably no coincidence that since it aired last year, zorb football has become a big thing around the world, with plenty of astroturf pitches offering the option. If you don’t think this looks fun, then it’s likely that you’re not a fun person. Sorry.


9) Zorbs Carnage in Central London

The last pointer on our list? Well, what would you do if you had a zorb for the day? You’d fly down everything in sight, leap off every jump and just generally make a nuisance of yourself.

Or at least that’s what we would do. Have a watch and see how much fun this looks. SEE HOW MUCH FUN THIS LOOKS.


Bonus Video: Zorb Fail

A cheeky reward for you, since you were a good egg and made it to the end of the article!

The Indestructibles, a new TV show sponsored by G-Shock, is on Dave every Sunday from 5pm.

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