You've seen those fancy shower gel's your mom gets from Pound Land. The weirdly refreshing ones called things like Lemmon Blast, Arctic Enema, and Lava Orgasm. Well, it cant be long before 35 Meter Kayak Drop is added to that list.

After all, we can't think of many more things that'd blow the sleepy cobwebs away quite like this kind of insanity.

Pro kayaker Aniol Serrasolses and his team went to the gigantic Keyhole Falls in British Columbia, Canada in a bid to drop of the massive waterfall.

"It was like witnessing a friends suicide"

At 35 meters high, it's not quite in the Angel Falls league, but what makes Keyhole particularly gnarly is how unpredictable it can be. The weather conditions in BC means that snowmelt often swells the amount of water flowing off the falls, making the conditions vary wildly from day to day.

Previously, the team had to abandon an attempt at the drop. This time, rather than waiting for the falls to be ideal, Serrasolses and the RedBull crew decided to carpe the heck out of the diem, and go for it.

The unpredictable water, and a breakdown in communications meant the drop was a massive risk. One of the team even went as far as saying "It was like witnessing a friends suicide". Intense. 

Happily, Aniol made the drop, using his decade of experience and skills to handle the treacherous conditions. Of course things could have ended very badly. Sometimes, when kayaking goes wrong, it can be brutal...

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