Christmas Gift Guide For Adventure Loving Kids: 15 Great Gifts All Outdoorsy Children Will Love

Nurture their adventurous spirit with these amazing and original Xmas gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas Gift for young adventurers

Christmas is all about the kids. So what Christmas gift should you get your children this time around? Or what should you buy for those kids in your family/friendship circle that you somehow now feel obliged to buy for?

You could go for some Frozen merch but do you really want to make Disney richer and said kids’ souls murkier? Same goes for screen-based gifting.

Instead this Christmas why not encourage their outdoorsy, sporty side by buying one of these great gifts for adventure loving kids.

Here are 15 of our favourites. Find the right Christmas gift for your children!

1) Patagonia Fleece, £45

Credit: Patagonia

Kids are cute but when you think about say nappies and landfill, let alone plastic toys, they aren’t the most environmentally friendly thing in the world.

Luckily there are steps you can take, such as dressing them in clothes made by companies that give a stuff about the planet. The king of such companies being Patagonia.

This fleece is snug, comfy and made from 85% recycled fabric. A great Christmas gift to keep them warm.

Buy this Patagonia Fleece for kids here

2) Burton Boys Snow One-Piece, £120


Credit: Burton

If you want to raise a happy mini shredder the key mantra is to keep them warm and dry.

This Burton one-piece will do that in spades and the fact it’s all joined up is especially important as it stops snow seeping down their pants when they fall or if one of their meaner friends decide to stuff it there.

And it looks the bomb, which helps a lot too.

Buy this Burton Boys Snow One-Piece here

3) Frog Bike, £190

Credit: Frog

All bike-loving parents want to raise bike-loving kids, which is exactly why you should not go for the cheap and cheerful option this Christmas. Cheap bikes equal heavy bikes, which in turn puts kids off cycling. Lucky then there’s Frog, who make lightweight, sturdy and super cool looking bikes which kids love. A great Christmas gift for biking fanatics.

They’re also a small British company so a great brand to lend your support to as well.

Buy this Frog Bike here

4) The Adventurer’s Notebook, £8

Credit: Muddy Puddles

Nurture their inner Bear Grylls with this fine apprentice adventurer’s notebook. In it they can write stories and sketch drawings inspired by their outdoor adventures.

It has lots of interesting info such as ID charts for leaves, wild flowers and insects, plus bird spotting and animal tracking tips, and how to rock pool and pond dip. There is plenty of other essential bushcraft wisdom too.

Buy The Adventurer’s Notebook from Muddy Puddles here

5) Santa’s Rocketsleigh Jumper by Tootsa MacGinty, £38

Credit: Tootsa McGinty

Dial down the naffness and amp up the style with this Space Santa jumper by Tootsa MacGinty. Who needs Rudolph and his reindeer crew when Santa could deliver way more presents and get up close and personal with the moon and stars thanks to this rocket-powered sleigh?

Tootsa MacGinty is a young UK-based company, who make cool-looking, gender-neutral clothes for adventurous kids. Go them.

Buy Santa’s Rocketsleigh Jumper here

6) DC x Kevin Lyons Board, £170

Credit: DC

The illustrator, designer and all round creative maestro Kevin Lyons has teamed up with DC for another kickass collaboration. But this time the all-too-often forgotten kids are getting the love.

The capsule collection includes four amazing snow jackets, some trainers, this epic board design and the mitts shown below that. Love love love.

Buy the DC x Kevin Lyons Board here

7) DC x Kevin Lyons Mitts, £22

credit: DC

Buy the DC x Kevin Lyons Mitts here

8) Quiksilver Rookie Snow Suit, £115

Credit: Quiksilver

An awesome one-piece snow suit option for younger girls and boys. It will keep them dry, super warm and free from that tears-inducing snow up their back or down their pants scenario we discussed earlier.

It also has ‘Grow with your Grom’ stitching so you can make it last a few years, rather than needing to replace it every year because the little blighters are growing so quickly.

Buy the Quiksilver Snow Suit here

9) Karibiner Colourpack, £30

Credit: Cotswold Outdoor

Andre Agassi’s dad hung a tennis ball above his cot to get him focused on the game from an early age. For the climbing equivalent why not string up this rainbow-coloured swash of karabiners on your infant’s buggy?

Or let older kids clip them to their rucksacks so they look like they’re about to tackle something more gnarly than the north face of the main school staircase.

Buy the Karibiner Colourpack here

10) Volcom Tee, £16.99

Credit: Volcom

Help your kid be the coolest kid in the playground on those few days when they get to go in without uniform, thanks to this dino-tastic design from Volcom.

On first glance it may look like that T-rex is riding a scooter but if you look closely it’s actually a wooden thing 50s kids used to ride, before Marty McFly turned them into skateboards in the first Back to the Future.

Buy this Volcom tee here

11) Vans Disney Slip-On Shoes, £32

Credit: Vans

You know how earlier I was warning against shovelling your money into Disney Corp? Well there can be the odd exception surely, and these Vans x Mickey slip-ons could be as good a place as any to play that joker on. Grey, stylee and kid-friendly.

Buy a pair of Vans Disney Slip-On Shoes here

12) Picture Organic Snow Jacket, £119

Credit: Picture Organic

Set up by friends, Picture Organic is an eco-friendly, small and thoughtful company. There’s a lot to like about them, with business practices and eco innovation that set a great example for kids.

This rad-looking Spice Jacket is one of their best pieces for this winter. A great Christmas gift for young cold weather adventurers.

Buy a Picture Organic Spice Jacket here

13) Binoculars, £3

Credit: Muddy Puddles

A set of binoculars is essential for all bird watchers and adventurers, not to mention budding spies. Which for some reason most kids want to be, romanticising a profession that seems like the least romantic thing ever.

Still, this sturdy pair are virtually unbreakable so a great choice for energetic role-playing kids.

Buy Binoculars from Muddy Puddles

14) Dark Star Skateboard, £59.99

Credit: Darkstar

A skateboard is the ultimate Christmas gift, which at some point all boards sports-loving parents buy for their kids. Make sure you get a complete set-up and don’t buy it from Toys R Us. That was just about ok in the 90s, but these days the wheels will barely make it round a full circle.

This Dark Star set up from Boardriders is a good, and not too expensive option. Get them some pads and a helmet and you’re good to go. It’s also important to get in there early before their lame Uncle buys them a scooter.

Buy a Dark Star Skateboard from Boardriders here

15) Roxy Bonbon Mini Skis, £125

If you have two kids and go skiing at least once a year it’s worth looking into the economics of buying a pair of skis rather than paying the super high hire costs each time you go.

These Roxy Bonbon Minis are great for kids who love bombing about but could also do with adding some stability and control to their repertoire. They’re strong enough to act as hand-me-downs to everyone you know and once you’re done with that you can always stick them on eBay.

Buy some Roxy Skis here


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