anaconda paul rosolie

Animal videos don't have to just be cute cats pretending to sing or dogs that can fetch beer from the fridge.

We're talking about the craziest videos on the internet - from snakes eating men to great white sharks scaring swimmers in a lake in Australia.

As we're slowly coming towards the end of another year, we thought we'd do a quick round-up of the most popular wild animal posts on Mpora this year.

Get watching...

Kicking off with this video shot back in March.... This dude jumped off a cliff in Sydney Harbour and was promptly greeted with one hell of a great white shark.

There are hoards of people calling this video a fake. What do you reckon?

We thought we'd seen animals doing everything... until we saw this video of a BASE jumping dog.

I'm not sure the poor pooch entered into this willingly - but regardless, he seems to be enjoying himself!

Naturist Paul Rosolie decided to feed himself to a 25ft long anaconda on the Discovery Channel.

He was fully prepared for the immersion, donning a snake-proof suit made from carbon fibre to ensure he wasn't crushed to death.

We spoke to the man himself to find out why he was trying to pull off such a bizarre stunt. We won't spoil it for you, but you can watch the crucial moment here.

Earlier this summer, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution took a REMUS SharkCam off the coast of Mexico to film great white sharks in the wild.

This was the result. It's guaranteed to make you jump...



Ever wondered what happens when a drone crosses a bird?

Filmer Christopher Schmidt was flying his drone in a park in Boston, USA - when a hawk attacked it.

Was it hungry? Did it think the drone was a predator? Either way the footage is pretty amazing.

If you're looking for more crazy bird/GoPro combos, click here.

This video of a 10ft python eating a crocodile was - perhaps unsurprisingly - one of the most popular posts on our site this year.

Firstly, who has ever seen a snake eat something as big as a crocodile? You can tell from the screen grab that it's going to be pretty horrific. It's no wonder this video has over 37 million views on YouTube!

If you were grossed out by the snake eating the crocodile, then this will probably tip you over the edge.

For some reason, this 26-year-old Australian decided it was a good idea to swim out to sea to jump around on a dead whale, while sharks feasted on it's flesh. Nice.

It takes a certain kind of person to be... well, that mental.

From the downright disgusting to the frankly hilarious - this is snail racing but not as you know it.

Back in October, an Mpora reader sent us an email saying he'd made "an epic dubstep snail race" and did we want to see it? Errrr... hell yes!

The result is pretty funny. Who knew gastropod molluscs were fans of Nitro Fun?

Cage diving with great white sharks too mainstream for you? Then why not jump into a pool with an 18ft long crocodile called Choppa...

Australian amusement park, Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin City, just opened their latest attraction - the Cage of Death - where people can swim with these man-eating beasts, luckily behind a very tall piece of protective acrylic.

Jurassic Park just became a reality...

What happens when a squirrel steals a GoPro? It turns out it's very entertaining.

This little critter conveniently angles the camera so we get a very decent view of the whole event. He even poses for a selfie! Whatever next?

Filmmaker Amos Nachoum was out diving with a group in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

They came across a giant crocodile - who accidentally went and swiped one of the group members' GoPros. Needless to say, he didn't want to give it back.

So there’s a croc with some pretty rad footage in his possession somewhere in Botswana right now.


Neither did I... Apparently it's a common occurrence in Lake Macquarie.

The lake is about 80km from Sydney with channels leading into the ocean. When the weather gets colder, it's not unusual to see the sharks swimming up these channels to find warmer water.

The 2.5 metre beast swam around the Murrays Beach jetty for about an hour while people reached into the water to touch it.

Now this is a heart-warming tale, if ever you heard one.

Derby the husky dog was born with deformed front legs. This made getting around pretty tough for him.

When all seemed lost, along came 3D Systems guys. They’re experts in making 3D printed items, and they had an idea: why not print Derby some new legs?

The result is pretty amazing...

Is it illegal to let a pet deer become a total pothead? Apparently not!

This medicinal marijuana grower in southern Oregon has a pet deer called Sugar Bob who enjoys snacking on big, fully cured marijuana buds on a regular basis.

“A friend of mine says ‘it’s not right!’" says Richard. “But other deer are getting chased by cougars and stuff, and my deer is lying on a bed, having just eaten a big bud, and he’s just getting sleepier and sleepier and getting ready to go out!"

Fair enough!