What's the worst that can happen when you're out free running? Slipping and dislocating something? Maybe the pipe you're hanging onto breaks and, in turn, you break? Fairly low down peoples list of concerns is a zombie outbreak, though.

However, this horrifying new edit shows that's exactly what can happen when you're doing your free running in a quarantine zone in a crumbing country.

That's the setting of the new video game, Dying Light, that's inspired this fast passed new free running edit by the guys at Ampisound. This real action parkour zombie chase was shot on the rooftops in Cambridge, and manages to squeeze in a couple of jump-out-of-your-skin moments along the way.

This isn't the first free running edit inspred by video games, we've seen, with Mario style platformers and Mirrors Edge inspired edits cropping up in 2014. However, this is easily the best we've seen yet.

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