Aside from the pant-filling exhilaration, and ultimate buzz from still being alive at the end of it,  one of the best things about Wing Suit Flying has to be the uniques views of the world that it lets those brave enough to give it a go enjoy.

So, given this distinctive perspective of the globe, why not take on one of the Seven Wonders of the World? That's exactly what Belgian born proximity flyer Cedric Dumont and his filmer Noah Bahnson did, falling to earth over the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.

Aside from the mind blowing visuals, what strikes us is quite how urbanised the area is. Flick through most travel brochures, and you'll see the pyramids surrounded by nothing but sand a  clear blue sky. However, from above, you realise quite how sprawling surrounding city of Giza is.

So, on the off chance you want to add The Pyramids to your collection of Seven Wonders that you've lumped towards, you need to get their pretty quickly, before it's all sky scrapers, apartment complexes, and Chicken Cottages.

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