1) It Makes You Look Like A Dick In Front Of Your Mates

2) It's Trying To Take You Out

maxresdefault (1)

3) All...


4) ...The....


5) ...Time


6) It Gets Help In To Get One Over You

7) It Uses Weapons

8) And It's Not Afraid To Improvise...

9) ...Or Make Use Of The Scenery

10) It Lays Traps

11) And Lies In Wait...

12) ...And Just When You Thought You'd Escaped, It Pulls You Back In

13) It Preys On The Weak...

14) ...On The Helpless...

15) ...And It Creeps Up On You When You Least Expect It

16) It's Even After Our Pets...

17) ...Sometimes With A Helping Hand

18) It Takes A Toll On Your Wardrobe...

Wardrobe fail

Wardrobe fail

19) ...On Our Bodies


20) ...And Even On Our Precious Celebrities

21) It Makes Concentration Look Ridiculous

diving face

diving face

22) ...Really Ridiculous



23) ...And Still Plagues Us, Even When It's Not There

So It's Time To Take A Stand

Take a stand

Take a stand

Stop Taking It Easy On Gravity...

Mustang Wanted

Mustang Wanted

...And Finally Show It Who's Really Boss

backcountry jump

backcountry jump

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