The new Ken Block edit Gymkahna Seven - Wild In The Streets -  has dropped, and it's absolutely mental.

You may associate Block with rally cars, but in this mew movie he opts for something a little more, well, muscular. He's ripping around the streets of LA in a custom built, 845 horse power 1965 Ford Mustang.

Blasting around the sun-soaked urban landscape will instantly look familiar to anybody that's whiled away many hours, if not days, playing Grand Theft Auto V. Thee are even place cars all over the place, completing the look.

If you've ever seen one of Ken's films before, you'll know he's pretty much in a league of his own when it comes to spinning his car about in tiny little spaces. In this film, he ups the ante significantly by diving underneath another low-rider. A bunch of times. Nuts.

It does make you ask, what will he do in his next film to top this? Thee hours, stuck in traffic, with the Frozen sound track stuck in the CD player would be a challenge.

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