Photo: Swegway

At last there is some good news for people who don't like lame stuff.

The police sent the tweet below yesterday reminding folk that they shouldn't be using their self-balancing scooters, swegways or hoverboards (as they have been dubbed, inaccurately we should say, since they neither hover nor are ridden using a sideways stance like all other boards since the dawn of time), on roads or pavements.

self balancing scooter

self balancing scooter

No doubt you've witnessed someone in your neighbourhood stylelessly juddering about on one of these devices, while their friends walk awkwardly next to them checking their phones and hoping they don't get recognised.

The sooner they get off the streets the better. The only worry with the police reminding us they're illegal is that it might make them seem hip to those who don't know any better. We also have to pray they don't start showing up in skateparks.


Photo: Swegway

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