Jokke Sommer is pretty damn badass, and his latest video makes for a pretty hilarious watch.

After sneaking his parachute past security at the Munich Tower in Germany, Jokke scaled the 'sketchy' security bars at the top of the structure before flying back down. The onlooking tourists were a little shocked to say the least.

"Sneaking parachutes Past security and climbing fences in front of shocked tourists turns me on!"

“I have a thing for bandit base jumps," admitted the extreme star. "Sneaking parachutes through security and climbing over suicide fences in front of shocked tourists turns me on!

"The feeling when the mission is a success and you can celebrate it with a double backflip is priceless.

"The next two hours was spent bargaining with Police in Munich regarding our fine. They started at 8000 Euro, I ended it at 500. I even sold my old Gopro to one of the officers for a decent price!"

Another day in the life of Jokke Sommer.

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