Animals vs. Drones: Cheesed Off Chimps, Killer Kangaroos and the Quickest Way to Lose £1,000

This is what happens when you get a little too close to wildlife...

Domestic drones are pretty much everywhere nowadays. The tiny aircraft have captured some truly stunning footage but there are also plenty of bad mannered pilots out there clogging our airspace with whining, camera-toting, privacy-invading nuisances.

The ovine avenger chased the man down through the forest and gave him a lesson in manners…

These rotor bladed reprobates have no respect for personal space and have managed to wind up plenty of people. Thankfully for such anti-drone advocates help is at hand – and from an unusual quarter.

It seems nature has taken a dislike to drones too and has sent its top animal champions to combat the techno menace. From chimps to kangaroos these are Mpora’s 5 best animal drone takedowns.

Staffy Slam

This video proves that man’s best friend is also drone’s worst enemy. It’s a short but sweet lesson in the effectiveness of naked aggression.

Making use of absolutely zero of his God given weapons (powerful jaws, strong teeth), this Staffy charges chest first into a brand new DJI Phantom like a boozed up Burberry-capped scrapper down your local on a Saturday night.

Zero points for style but 10 out of 10 for getting the job done.

Monkeying Around

Chimpanzees are strong and intelligent predators and Tushi from Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands is no exception.

The 23 year old female chimp was happily playing in her enclosure when a local camera crew came along to do some promotional filming for the zoo. Using brains and brawn the primate prankster decided to sort out this buzzing menace by scrambling up a nearby tree and swatting the little craft out of the sky with a branch, totally destroying it.

Looking at this, we can’t help wondering what Tushi might be capable of if she got her hands on something more effective than a big stick….

Skippy Strikes Back

Kangaroos might seem like floppy eared, oversized rabbits but they still pack quite a punch.

These creatures are nature’s kickboxers, able to land kicks and punches that will flatten a grown man. Add to that pretty sharp teeth and a top speed of up to 44mph and you’ve got powerful, high speed pain on two legs.

Kangaroos are basically powerful, high speed pain on two legs.

This is the sort of creature you probably want to film from the comfortable safety of a drone cam rather than up close.

Unfortunately this hapless pilot forgot all about the importance of personal space and decided to bother a mother roo with her baby, quickly falling foul of the Aussie marsupial’s pugilistic prowess.

Death From Above

This kind of attack has seemed almost inevitable since the inception of the drone. The natural order of things is birds and feathered stuff in the sky, heavy squishy humans on the ground. When we started inventing stuff that could go up there, that’s when all the problems started.

You can understand the Hawk’s point of view, out for a leisurely flap when an alien monstrosity appears out of nowhere, screaming some sort of strange, whining battle cry.

There’s only one thing for it, so like a feathery missile the red tailed hawk dive bombs the tiny space ship out of the sky before heading off to tell his mates about how he totally saw an alien and absolutely nothing happened to his butt.

First Blood

Rambro the angry ram is a bit of an internet legend. He’s headbutted everything from exercise balls to motorbikes in his reign as the world’s most rage-filled thing on four legs, so it was only a matter of time before he got a drone locked in his sights.

Happily munching away one sunny day in his New Zealand forest home, Rambro got disturbed by a quadcopter looking for trouble.

After being buzzed a couple of times our horned hero did what comes naturally and smashed the flying menace into a bush.

Unfortunately for the ‘copter’s pilot, Rambro turned out to be a bit of a perfectionist in the art of drone destruction and tried to take him out as well. The ovine avenger chased the man down through the forest and gave him a lesson in drone manners through the medium of headbutts.

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