Meet Todd Fox. He lives in Fargo, North Dakota, and when his driveway is covered in snow, he loses in mind and attacks it with a flamethrower.

This story is actually from 2013, but we came across it and had a burning desire to bring it back to the public eye. It could set the internet alight! Sorry, we'll stop that now.

A neighbour described it as watching “puff the magic dragon spewing mayhem over hell"...

Basically, a couple of years ago, there was a big snow fall in Mr. Fox’s local area, and to say that he was less than happy about the inconvenience is somewhat of an understatement.

So, the American decided to risk burning down his own house (and everything around it) by throwing fire at everything, which cued one worried neighbour – who thought it looked like “puff the magic dragon spewing mayhem over hell" – to call the police.

If that isn’t the best description ever of a man using a flamethrower, then we don’t know what is. And it gets better still.



In what is quite possibly the greatest justification of such a rash and outrageous act, when charged by the police, Fox admitted that he was “fed up with battling the elements," and that he had no other way to get rid of “four billion tonnes of white bull shit."

Absolutely priceless.

He said He haD no other way to get rid of "four billion tonnes of white bull shit"...

Of course, poor old crazy Todd was then detained for “reckless endangerment" and “illegal use of high-powered fire-breathing weaponry", and didn’t put up a fight about it either.

We can’t help but feel that it’s not a coincidence that Fargo was named “the drunkest city in America" in early 2014.

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