Photo: Dan Pauly / The Rustic Way

Dan Pauly is the Minnesota-based artisan craftsman that makes these amazing looking wood cabins.

Now, if like us, you'd been accustomed to the word 'artisan' being liberally applied to bread baked by wooly-jumpered hipsters in coffeeshops that have opened in former brothels, it's a delight to see it applied to the work of a genuine craftsman.

Photo: Dan Pauly / The Rustic Way

His signature buildings, that include saunas, sheds, huts, cabins and outhouses all have this amazing fairytale style to them that instantly appeals to our inner child.

If you fancy having that old B&Q shed in your garden being given the Dan Pauly treatment, you're going to need to start saving. His sheds start at around $9,400 (£6000). If you're on a budget, however, he also does bird a squirrel feeders at more modest $140 (£90) a time.

Photo: Dan Pauly / The Rustic Way

You can find out more, and even order one via Dan's website,

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