Prank Quad Bike Roman Atwood

Prank Quad Bike Roman Atwood

Everyone loves a cheeky prank now and then. Whether it be cling film on the toilet seat, permanent marker down the side of a 2p coin, or making your girlfriend think your son has died horrifically in a quad bike explosion...wait...what was that last one again?! Introducing Roman Atwood, the world's least funny prankster.

Atwood, the scamp, thought it would be a barrel of LOLs to invite his girlfriend down to the woods just in time to watch his son have a go on a gnarly looking quad bike. Through the power of the old switcheroo, Atwood was able to replace his actual son with a mannequin and make this prank a "prank" rather than full-on infanticide. Needless to say, the joke goes down like a turd balloon.

Now, if we were being cynical, we might argue that this whole thing has the slight whiff of a staged performance. But, then again, maybe that's because we're finding it difficult to believe that anyone would actually be as heartless to make their romantic companion think their human child has died in an explosion. Oh, Atwood. What's going on, hey? What's this all about? Was this faked? Surely it was faked? Surely? Surely?!

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