Finding buried treasure only happens in the movies, right?...Wrong! This remarkable POV video shows the moment a diver uncovered more than $1,000,000 in gold from a 300-year old shipwreck. It really is a pinch-yourself-this-can't-be-happening moment.

The diver was working for treasure hunting company 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels LLC, which has the salvaging rights to a fleet of Spanish shipwrecks (dated to 1715).

Screen Shot: YouTube (via New York Daily News).

Buried Treasure Discovered Florida Spanish Shipwreck

The items recovered from the shipwreck read like something from a Pirates Of The Caribbean prop-list:

  • 51 gold coins
  • 40-feet of ornate gold chain
  • An extraordinarily rare coin called the "Tricentennial Royal" made for the King of Spain, Phillip V.
  • The "Tricentennial Royal" is reportedly worth half a million dollars, by itself.
Screen Shot: YouTube (via New York Daily News).

Buried Treasure Spanish Shipwreck

The ships went sailing from Havana, Cuba, on July the 24th 1715. The treasure was lost, a week later, following a hurricane near the coast of Florida.

Although the Spaniards returned, they were unable to salvage all of the treasure. The ships had been sent to America to fetch gold and silver, so that the Spanish crown could finance its war efforts.

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