Screen Shot: YouTube (dragonstring1).

Humanity has witnessed some genuinely horrific bloodbaths in its time but, we'd argue that none of those were as unrelentingly brutal as the pillow fight on show here. From now on, whenever we talk about "things getting out of hand", and "really going up a notch," we want you to visualise the madness that is this pillow fight.

24 concussions, one broken leg, and a dislocated shoulder...from a pillow fight. Yes, a pillow fight. The fight itself was between new cadets at US Military Academy, West Point. The injuries occurred because some bright sparks decided to stuff the pillows with army helmets.

The pillow fight actually took place on the 20th of August, although the video has only just emerged. It's apparently part of an annual tradition, aimed at boosting camaraderie between cadets (OK?).

If you need us, we'll be beating the living bejesus out of our colleagues with the name of team spirit.

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