It seems to be a common occurrence these days for a crazy American weather man to go absolutely viral.

While we’re stuck with straight-talking suits in the UK, the States have got this guy who may or may not have been taking a leak live on air. They’ve got this guy, who improvised brilliantly when told local towns were burning at over 2000 degrees, and now they’ve got another local hero – the weatherman who gets more excited over lightning than he does over sex.

Or we're presuming as much anyway. He certainly gets pretty damn hyped about that lightning.

Seriously, we wish we could get as excited over anything as this guy gets when his team capture not one, not two, but SIX blasts of lightning on camera. He’s like a small child on Christmas Day getting more excited with every present he opens.

To be fair, this is pretty much how the Mpora team react when we open the curtains to a bluebird morning. "We got it baby! We got it!"

An absolute joy to behold.

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