These guys have made a real-life first person shooter in their own back garden, and they want you to play it.

The guys at Realm Pictures created the set of the immersive game in their back garden, roped in some Equity approved local zombies, and started to create the battle between the Master Chief style hero and the undead.

The really clever part is how they got people to join in the action. They live streamed the gameplay using online video messaging services like Chat Roulette to get random members of the public to interact with the zombie slaying.

We must admit, we thought Chat Roulette was no more than the last bastion of web weirdos that wanted to show their genitalia to unsuspecting fellow humans. This smart immersive game shows, though, that with a bit of imagination, a lot of skill, and some zombie makeup, a viral sensation can be within reach.

And a viral sensation isn't too much of an exaggeration. The video has racked up an impressive 6.5 million views in just four days. Not too bad for a dude with a webcam and a toy laser gun.

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