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Worst Cycling Road Rage Videos | 11 Terrifying Incidents

These are well worth a watch!

After recently seeing a clip of a cyclist dicing with death on London’s roads, it got us thinking about road rage. It’s way, way more common than you might think – the only saving grace is that these days it’s often caught on camera.

Forget the favelas of Rio, the Mexican drug cartels or the streets of Russia. The real war is two wheels versus four, and it’s happening everywhere!

1) White Van Man Goes Crazy

The dude driving the van is clearly having a bad day at the office. If that happened out in town on a Friday night he’d be done for assault.

In the video description, the cyclist says he’s “very disappointed” that the driver was let off with only a caution.

Was he provoked? It’s hard to know for sure but based on this video evidence we’d say he’s just a nutter!

2) Cyclist Takes on a Yellow Cab

It seems this cyclist wants a fight but then he changes his mind very quickly. Maybe he saw the 6″5 retired Ukrainian boxer sat behind the wheel and decided it was a terrible mistake?

Either way, he really doesn’t want to cabbie getting out of their car. Does he spit through the window at 0:35 too?

It’s just a shame we can’t hear the sound here, it’s always good to hear cyclists giving taxi drivers a piece of their mind…

3) Temper Tantrum

Some women’s voices have been compared to the sounds of the ocean, or birds whistling their morning song. We think this Spanish lady sounds more like an un-oiled gear box from a backfiring Skoda.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t show what actually happened here, but in a fight between her and the cyclist in pink, I know who my money’s on.

4) Verbal Abuse

These two clowns think that just because they’re on the way to a funeral, the laws of the road don’t apply to them. It seems someone needs to go back to school.

5) Cyclist Goes HAM on a BMW

On this one we can’t help feeling the cyclist only has herself to blame. Other than that it’s the same old story. Cyclist forced into kerb. Cyclist gets angry. Cyclist attacks car. Cyclist smashes window and…wait…man on crutches saves the day? This has the makings of a movie.

Vigilante Crutches Man…coming to a screen near you.

6) Motorbike Madness

Now we know this isn’t a cyclist, but it was too good not to share. These two won’t be sending each other Christmas cards after this scuffle, just check out that right hook at 0:15 – the driver won’t know where he is once he wakes up!

Seriously though, what did he think he was doing picking a fight with a man in a crash helmet?

7) Cyclists Go Flying

There’s no real road rage here, we’re amazed by how calm this cyclist is after being launched over a car turning into his path.

We don’t know about you but we’d go bat shit crazy if an idiotic driver did that to us – let alone a second driver running us over! Pricks.

8) Don’t Touch Private Property

That is potentially the calmest, most British incident of road rage you’ll ever see. He’s clearly not happy with someone touching his car but at least this time they sort it without anyone getting knocked out.

9) Driver Floors Cyclist

This clip hit headlines in 2011 when 49 year old Simon Page was floored by an angry driver in London. The guy was caught and fined £400 for laying into him. People have been locked up for less!

10) Extreme Road Rage

Across the pond things aren’t any better. The driver reckons he wasn’t in the bike lane. The cyclist believe he was.

Only a lot of shouting and a failed attempt to throw the bike in the back of the truck can sort this one out…

11) Fuming Audi Driver

Things really escalate on this London street after a cyclist lets a driver know about the cycle lane.

The Audi driver clearly fancies himself as a bit of a Rocky Balboa and launches a big left hook. What is it about Audi drivers?

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