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Are These The Worst Cycle Lanes Ever Built? Some Of These Are Ridiculous…

Seriously, these are laughable...

Near enough everyone who doesn’t cycle hates the people that do. We all know that, especially commuters.

But it’s not just our fellow road users that love to hate cyclists. No. It would seem that government officials and city planners are also not big fans of the two-wheeled pedaller.

How do we know? If the people who planned out cities were cyclists, they sure as hell wouldn’t have let these abominations come into the world…

Here is a comprehensive collection of the worst cycle lanes to ever exist.

1) ‘The Scenic Route’ Cycle Lane


This path in Surrey has sent many riders wandering helplessly through the forests…


2) ‘The Take The Bus Instead’ Cycle Lane


Cyclists will be able to fit past that, right? Wrong.

3) ‘The There’s A Sign In The Way’ Cycle Lane


Probably the most useless and irritating sign ever made.


4) ‘The Pointless Detour’ Cycle Lane


A slight detour from the road here provides a scenic route for riders.

5) ‘The Feel Great This Summer’ Cycle Lane


Marketing people call this a ‘highly interruptive advertising format’.


6) ‘The Slalom Challenge’ Cycle Lane


Ok. This is getting ridiculous. Is this some kind of slalom obstacle course?

7) ‘The Where To Start’ Cycle Lane


Should I ride backwards into the red bollards or turn left into the curb. Decisions decisions.


8) ‘The Cycle Lane Challenge ‘ Cycle Lane


As if the cycle lane wasn’t small enough already, why not put a lampost in the middle…

9) ‘The Straight Into Trouble’ Cycle Lane


Really? How does this even happen?!


10) ‘The Stop To Make A Call’ Cycle Lane


There is a phone box in the middle of this cycle path. What a terrible call.

11) ‘The Safe Crossing’ Cycle Lane


Just outside Old Trafford, this path gives you safe crossing along the middle of the road and into a bollard.


12) ‘The Idiot Locals’ Cycle Lane


This is on the way to Torquay… The cycle path is actually fine here, it’s just the locals that are idiots.

13) ‘The Canal-Side Challenge’ Cycle Lane


A bold line in Netherlands. This is more of a challenge than a cycle path.


14) ‘The Didn’t Even Try’ Cycle Lane


We’re not sure if this cycle path was any good, but if it’s half as bad as it’s sign…

15) ‘The Utterly Useless’ Cycle Lane


This one should keep all you cyclists out there safe.


16) ‘The Something Isn’t Right Here’ Cycle Lane


Oh, well I guess I must be here then?

17) ‘The Head Over The Handlebars’ Cycle Lane


A rather abrupt ending is the calling for this confused cycle path.


18) ‘The Doesn’t Even Count’ Cycle Lane


A picture of a bike and chevrons to helpfully remind cyclists of the direction they’re already travelling in.


19) ‘The Getting Ridiculous’ Cycle Lane


Ok this isn’t the original cycle lane with a challenging positioned lampost but sometimes the sequel is better.


20) ‘The Absolutely Rubbish’ Cycle Lane


This is what happens when two noble local government causes collide. We can only imagine the tense emails between Gary in ‘sustainable transport ‘ and Neil in ‘waste management’.

21) ‘The Ironic Injury Causer’ Cycle Lane


The irony of a ‘Watch For Bikes’ sign blocking the cycle path… Sigh.


22) ‘The Straight Lines Are Boring’ Cycle Lane


This one actually looks quite fun.


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