5 Real Life Attempts To Make A Back To The Future Hoverboard

"McFly!" See how you can bring Back To The Future to life with these real-world hoverboards...

It seems like every month, somebody somewhere claims that very day is the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went forward in time in smash-hit 80’s film Back To The Future 2.

However, we can confirm that today, 21st October 2015 is, in fact, the momentous day in question when the time-hopping teen and his not-at-all-questionable older companion ripped up the rules of thermo-dynamics and went Back To The Future.

And how do we know? Detailed analysis? Consultations with film historians? Err, no. The internet seems to think it is, so we’re going with the general consensus. Legit’ enough, right?

Along with dreams of going back in time and playing Little Richard songs to an audience of pre-rock&roll era high schoolers Back To The Future is the film that led to millions of people dreaming of the day they’ll get a hoverboard.

Here at Mpora, we’re no different. Since the moment we first clamped our peepers on Marty McFly escaping Biff and his gang on that bright pink deck, we’ve dreamt of riding the streets, hovering three inches above the tarmac.

But it’s not just us dreaming of hoverboards. From blokes in sheds, to white-coated boffins, to massive car maufacturers, the inventors of this world are as eager to make (and, let’s face it, sell) hoverboards as we are to ride them.

So, it seems only right and proper that, today of all days – Back To The Future Day no less-  we take a look at the many good, bad, and borderline dangerous attempts to invent the first, proper, Back To The Future style hoverboard.

1) Hendo

To much fanfare, 2014 saw the birth of the Hendo, what appeared to be the first ever, fully working hoverboard.

Greg Henderson of tech company Arx Pax unveiled a floating board, and the internet lost it’s mind. Handerson took to online crowd funding website Kickstarter in a bit to raise a whopping $250,000 to bring the product to life.

Twelve months, and 3,169 online backers later, the board actually raised a staggering $510,590. Despite this, we’re still yet to see anybody gliding down the pavement on a Hendo.

However, this is probably down to the fact that, inside it’s just a massive magnet (and some other science gubbins) that requires a metal floor to push against to hover. As such, the Hendo is pretty much ruled out of working on just about every street we can think of.

Legitness: 6/10

2) Lexus

This summer, Japanese car giants Lexus jumped on the hoverboard band-waggon with their bid at making our childhood dreams come true.

They dropped this super stylish edit, complete with a stunning looking sun-lit skatepark, a Rudimental soundtrack, and UK skater Ross McGouran doing incredible stuff on the board.

Our excitement overrunneth, not least because, unlike the Hendo, it appeard that the Lexus board would work on concrete and, unlike the one in the Back To The Future Films, would even work on water!

But… there’s always a ‘but’ when things get exciting, isn’t there. But, after a bit of digging around, we found that, like the Hendo, the Lexus board was again, a magnet and some super clever science stuff.

And that concrete park? It was concrete, but a very thin layer over a specially built metal skate park. Even the water was a thin layer sitting in a metal tray.

Oh Lexus, if we’d never seen such riches, we could live with being poor.

Legitness: 7/10

3) Mr Hoverboard

Magnets? Schmagnets! That’s what we always say.

Just when we thought it may have been impossible to make a hoverboard without opposing magnetic poles, we stumbled across this little beaut’.

A chap called mr Hoverboard (handy, given what he went on to create) got an old skateboard deck, and bolted on the motors of four leaf blowers to created a genuine, hovering board.

It works much like a regular hovercraft, floating on a layer of air that’s made by the four super-charged hair dryers on each corner. A big plus of this hoverboard is that, with a bit of handywork, it’d be easy enough to make one yourself.

That said, it looks a little too big to do much more than pootle along slowly on, or spin about a bit. If Marty mcFly was relying on one of these to get away from Biff and the boys on, he’s have been Smacked To The Future faster than he could say ‘disappointing third film”..

Legitness: 8/10

4) Record Breaker

Canadian chap Catalin Alexandru Duru not only built his very own hoverboard, but used to it set a whole new World Record!

Duru’s board is yet another take on the design. As opposed to magnets or cushions of air, he used a shed load of mini drones attached to a frame to propel himself a tidy 164 feet (about 50 metres) along Lake Ouareau in Quebec.

Much like the other non-magnetic board on the list, this record breaker has the ability to travel over a host of terrains.

However, its large size and, let’s face it, incredibly annoying buzzing noise reminiscent of a million bees operating tiny dentists drills almost certainly means that we’re not going to see a spate of this kind of board flying down high streets any time soon.

Legitness: 4/10

5) HUVr

Back in 2014, a company called HURv shocked the world with a video of an actual, real life hoverboard.

The board appeared to work just like the ones from Back To The Future 2, without needing to rely on magnets, leaf blowers, drones, or any of the other stuff that drags our child-like dreams back into reality.

The release was given credibility by a cast of stars that appeared in the video, including skate legend Tony Hawk, musician Moby (played by the Heat Electric turtle), a rapper called Schoolboy Q who we’d neither heard of before or since, and, of course, Christopher Lloyd – the man who played Doc Bown himself.

The storm of excitement that the video created could bee seen from space. In fact, the level of reaction to the video could only be surpassed by the one when it was revealed that the video was a fake.

So incensed was the internet that they’d been lied to that Tony Hawk himself felt the need to drop a second video apologising for misleading excited fans.

As opposed to being a real hover board, the HUVr was just a prop, and the video was put together using the same rigs and special effects used in the Back To The Future films themselves.

Sadly, our hoverboard dreams have yet to be realised. But we have hope. There’s always hope.

Legitness: 0/10

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