64 GIFs of Skaters From Outside the USA Shredding It

Need to work on a particular trick? Take a look at these GIFs and print them on your memory

If you need some inspiration for your next skate trick, then we’ve created some gifs of skateboarders from outside the USA nailing quite a collection. Take a look and let us know which is your favourite.

We’ll start off by going down the stairs…

Pedro Barros Coasts a Backside Boardslide down a Lengthy Green Rail, No Sweat

Madars Apse floats a switch backside 180 down a huge flight of Spanish Stairs

Pedro Barros Keeps on Trucking with a Smooth Ollie over this Handrail

Madars Apse Hucks a Backside 180 Nosegrind Down a Tall White Hubba Ledge

Lucas Puig Clowning Around, Switch Flips up some stairs to Switch Grab Camera Stare

Madars Apse Blasts a Frontside Hurricane down a schoolyard rail in San Jose, California

Now let’s go onto some ramps…

Pedro Barras shows his respect for Jeff  Phillips with this fly out to back Smith Stall

David Gonzales with a very nimble kickflip nosegrind to fakie transfer over this spine

Madars Apse performs a very stylish, ollie to backside powerslide from bank to bank

Wes Kremer launches out of this mini kicker with a very floaty frontside kickflip

Pedro Barras Flies High With a Frontside Tailgrab out the top of this Cradle Ramp

From the ramp, let’s head to the bowl…

Pedro Barros Nails a Backside talislide to Pop Shuvit out around this bowl corner

Pedro Barros floats an explosive backside flip indy transfer over this skatepark bowl corner

Ben Raemers launches an Ollie up to Smith Grind Stall over and down these pool stairs

Pedro Barros leaps high with a massive frontside boneless over this bowl corner

Ben Ramers hoists a solid Frontside Invert Stall in a bowl and drops back in with speed

Pedro Barros Spins a Mindblowing Backside 540 Melon Grab 6 feet out wearing no pads

That moment when you land a trick and have to celebrate

Bastien Salabanzi stomps a huge half cab kickflip down the stairs at Street League

Madars Apse is filled with stoke by jumping out of a Nosegrind into a Switch 5-0 Grind

Bastien owns the Street League course with a huge backside double kickflip over the gap

When you fall off your board, it has to be done in style…

David Gonzalez bails and lands in an accidental sit down ride across this bowl

Ben Raemers does his best Waterboy impression as he Smith Grind Stalls and falls

Madars Apse Backside Tailslides and slips out on a bank but balances it out with a smile

Madars Apse slides a Backside Tailslide to body launch down a Mini Hubba in Majorca

Or not…

Three Way Pile Up at skatepark in New Bird, Liverpool leaves all involved totally confused

Madars’s Kickflip over the Big Ben Road Gap is misplaced and he flies into the concrete

Some for some jumps…

Madars skates a narrow path and hucks an amazing Frontside Bigspin over a grass gap

Bastien nails a great Nollie Bigspin Heel over a Street League ramp to ramp obstacle

Madars Apse lauches a massive Frontside Kickflip over a wooden European street gap

Bastien owns this Street Leaague Gap with a Huge Backside Double KickFlip over it

Frenchman Lucas Puig blasts a big Switch Varial Heelflip out of a kicker gap in Lyon

Madars Apse tweaks a big Frontside Kickflip over this grass gap in China

Luan De Oliveira pops a well executed Switch Heelflip way over this high bar and stairs

Madars Apse takes a floaty Frontside Shuvit over a large road gap in China with ease

Jesus Fernandez Frontside Kickfips a big gap to a Switch 5-0 Grind at J.Kwon, Los Angeles

Madars Apse nails a nice Backside Bigspin over a huge gap in Cherry Park, Long Beach

From 50-50 grinds, nosegrinds, smith grinds, crooked grinds, bluntslide grinds and 5-0 grinds, these boys have it covered…

Jesus Fernandez executes a smooth Switch Frontside Lipslide to Kickflip out in Milan, Italy

Bastien with a Halfcab Crooked Grind down a handrail and Halfcab 5-0 180 at Street League

Youness Amrani, with a Balanced Frontside Nosegrind to Switch Backside 5-0 Grind

Wes Kremer balances a perfect Pop Shuvit Nosemanual to Nollie 360 kickflip out

Pedro Barros Coasts a long Frontside Smith grind over this skatepark escalator ramp

Jesus Fernandez dances through a halfcab noselide to Backside Tailslide in Milan, Italy

Youness Amrani Balances a Fakie Nosegrind to Hardflip out on this long skatepark ledge

Madars Apse blasts into a Backside Lipslide transfer on a Jersey Barrier with a gap in it

Pedro Blasts a Backside Melon Grab and  a Tailslide transfer to a Bank in this skatepark

Jesus does a stylish Fakie Kickflip Noselide on the top ledge at Sants in Barcelona, Spain

Madars commands a frontside 5-0 Grind to Fakie on this Railway Track Jersey Barrier

Dustin Dollin Nails a Backside Crooked Grind to Fakie over this gap at New Bird, Liverpool

Jesus balances a Fakie Hardflip to Switch Manual on a manual pad at Parallel, Barcelona

Madars with a lengthy Backside Bluntslide to Backside Tailslide on this ledge over stairs

Ben Raemers does Backside Tailslide to Pop Shuvit out around this skatepark bowl corner

Youness Amrani executes a Nollie Frontside Feeble Grind on a Ramp to flatbar in Belgium

Ben Raemers rides right around this bowl corner with a long frontside 50-50 grind

Madars plants a Perfect Smith Grind to Kickflip out in Marjorca, Spain

It may be a simple move, but these Kick Flips are perfect…

Lucas Puig spins a perfectly rotated Switch Frontisde Heelflip on flatground in France

Youness does a well popped Hardflip Backside Revert over this skatepark hip

Ben Ramers carves around this bowl and flings a Backside Pop Shuvit for fun

Luan De Oliveira pops a smooth and powerful Nollie Backside Flip and rolls on

Lucas Puig might be sitting down but he still manages to pop a really cool looking Hardflip

Madars Apse Swings a very tweaked Switch Frontside Heelfip on the flat and pushes on

Youness hucks a Varial Heeflip at a Belgian skatepark

Youness Amrani pops a perfect Switch 360 Kickflip on Flatground and rolls away smooth


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