23 Ways To Make A Chairlift Ride Incredibly Awkward

Lift rides can be pretty uncomfortable. Here's some hints on how to make them even more so!

Ski resort chairlift queues are usually buzzing with joy, laughter and unadulterated hatred. It’s one the strangest vibes on the mountain.

The fact that everyone is slowly trying to edge in front of one another means that all civility is either false or non-existent.

And the communal rage directed at anyone who does manage to skip the queue is only matched by the awkwardness felt when you end up on a lift with a silent stranger.

Of course, more often than not the rider you’re seated with is nice enough, easy to chat to and turns out to be pretty cool.

Other times, though, they just stay silent and refuse to talk. If you’re feeling like a bit of dick when that next happens, here are 23 things you can do or say to make that ride incredibly awkward…

You might even pick up some G.N.A.R points along the way.

1. Tell Your New Lift Friend In A Serious tone: “I’m The Best Skier On The Mountain”

2. Ask If They Recognise You, Look Offended When They Don’t

3. Tap Them On The Shoulder And Shout: “Staring Contest in 3, 2, 1. Go!”

4. Start Having A Conversation With An Imaginary Friend

5. Say: “I’m Afraid Of Heights So Don’t Worry If I Start Screaming” *Start Screaming*

6. Whisper “Hold Me” In Their Direction Every 45 Seconds

7. Ask Their Favourite Colour. Look Offended No Matter How They Answer

8. Say: “Sorry Dude, I Couldn’t Keep It In”

9. Yell “I’m Way Sicker Than You Are” At Every Rider That Passes Below

10. Ask Them A Question, Laugh Uncontrollably At The Answer

11. Point At Every Rider That Passes Below And Repeatedly Say “I’m Way Sicker Than That Guy”, Whilst Staring Into Their Eyes

12. Ask If They Mind You Jumping Off The Chairlift At Any Given Moment

13. Pretend To Sleep. Wake Up Screaming Half Way Up Lift. Don’t Stop For At Least 10 Seconds.

14. Whisper Gently: “I Hope This Chairlift Gets Stuck”

15. Lift The Bar, Shout “No Bar Challenge”, Then Don’t Stop ‘Wooping’ Until The End Of The Lift

16. Say: “Don’t You Think Chairlift Rides Are Incredibly Awkward”. Go Silent

17. Stare At Them And State: “I Cut The Line To Get On This Chairlift. And I’d Do It Again.”

18. Continually Over Pronounce The Word ‘Gnarly’ On Loop For The Entire Lift

19. Say: “You Know The Race Is On As Soon As We Get Off This Lift Bro. AS SOON AS.”

20. Suggest A Communal Sing Song As An Ice Breaker – “Circle of Life Anyone?”

21. Fake A Phone Argument With Your Other Half. Shout: “Then Why Do You Keep Deleting Your Texts?!”

22. Say: “Mate You Were Out Of The Game Drunk Last Night!” See How They Respond

23. Shout Loudly At The People On The Lift In Front. Point To Lift Friend If They Turn Around.

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