Blood, Sweat, And Skiers: 10 of the Greatest Ski & Snowboard Fights Of All Time

WWE Smackdown ain't got nothing on these guys...

Generally, the mountains are not places for fist fights and heated brawls. However, that’s not to say violence doesn’t break out on the slopes occasionally.

90 per cent of the time, it’s when a skier or snowboarder crashes into or nearly takes out someone (usually an angry older man and/or their child).

What tends to follow is a plethora of expletives from both parties, and occasionally ends in a knuckle sandwich.

Who is in the right in these videos? You can decide for yourself…

1) Skier vs. Snowboarder Fist Fight

When a skier and snowboarder collide, the outcome is rarely good. In this case it ended in a full-on fist fight with a snowboard smacked around the head.

Lesson learned: don’t mess with a skier with a camera.

2) Angry Ski Dad Punches Snowboarder

Granted, snowboarders can be dicks sometimes. But then again so can skiers.

Watch as this dad punches a snowboarder out of the way of his sons and then denies it…. then threatens to “fuck them up” before the other dude takes his shirt off….

There’s a lot of dumb people in this world.

3) Fight, Fight, Fight!

Snowboarder on snowboarder beef this time. You know things are bad when someone attempts to prize you apart with a board before wrestling the goggles off your helmet.

4) Don’t Get Too Close To Ski School…

…otherwise you’ll have an angry French ski instructor on your ass.

5) Make Sure You Watch Out For the Landscaping

So it sounds like this bunch of snowboarders were riding some street spots in a Californian public park – and got shut down by a dude who particularly angry about them “fucking up the landscaping”.

“I was a hard fucking radical in the 70s,” he says before continuing on a rant to beat all rants….

6) When Ski Patrol Get Nasty

Right or wrong, it definitely pays to be polite in these situations, as this snowboarder is here. The ski patrol guy meanwhile was well, being a bit of a tosser…

7) “Your Dad’s Got Way More Money Than Mine”

How did a casual on-piste punch up turn into an all-out war on “whose daddy has more money”?!

8) Snowboarder Gets Punched By Angry Ski Dad

Now this one is brutal. Kid takes a nasty hit from a snowboarder and the dad goes ape shit…


9) Crashing In Slow Motion

Two beginners collide at low speed. Nothing happens.

10) “You’re Really Ugly”

So this is pretty lame on the part of the snowboarder. For all that build-up with the sub-titles we were kind of hoping for something a bit more explosive.

I mean that’s not much of an insult really is it? We reckon if this had kept going the old guy would probably have had him.

Instead the pair of them end up running crying to the Ski Patrol like two squabbling toddlers.

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