Bear Tattoos Featured

Bear Tattoos Featured

bear tattoos for your bare skin

Bears. Tattoos. They are both two of the most awesome things in the world. These individuals like these hairy beasts so much they combined their two deepest loves and got these bear tattoos inked onto their skin forever. Some are totally bizarre, others are real works of art. Even Bear Grylls gets a look in.

If you happen to be a fan of the mountains, the ocean, and bicycles, then its also worth checking these tattoos out.

Scroll through and take a look!

1) Holy shit, that's a big tat...

Photo: Pinterest

Bear Tattoo Chest

Getting huge bear tattoos on your chest makes you more manly than a man. Seriously.

2) Nipple framing. Nice.

Photo: Tumblr

3) Bear Grylls playing a starring role here on this fella's leg


Bear Grylls Tattoo 3

4) Just.... why?

Photo: Tumblr

5) Unleash the bears!



6) This dude must like Bear Grylls. A lot.


Bear Grylls Tattoo 2

7) Hipsters like bears too, y' know...



8) Bear Grylls again - this time being stomped on by Chuck Norris, who is simultaneously fighting a bear, shark and crocodile


Bear Grylls Tattoo Chuck Norris

9) Simple and minimalist...

Photo: Pinterest

Bear Tattoo 2

10) Geometry is wild

Photo: Pinterest

Bear Tattoo Woman Pinterest

11) This can only be described as a masterpiece.... of sorts


forest-bear-scene-tattoo-on-whole-back tattooshunter

12) What was this dude thinking?!


Care Bear Tattoo

13) 2015 shall forever be known as the year of geometric colourful tattoos

Photo: Pinterest

Bear Tattoo Multicoloured Shoulder Pinterest

14) Yes, that's a blood spattered polar bear tearing through a man's thigh

Photo: Pinterest

15) Now that's what you call a work of art


bear tattoo

16) Just.... why?



17) Thoughts?

Photo: mociarane

18) This one is just un-bear-lievable

Photo: Tumblr

Big Bear Tattoo Back Tumblr

19) There are no words...


Bear Tattoo

20) Introducing the lady bear

Photo: Spencer Ryan Chasse

21) Tiger vs. Bear


tiger and bear tattoo

22) Sorry.... What?

Photo: Raw Tattoo

23) Those nostrils though....

Photo: magicstattoostudio


24) Rad or lame? You decide...



25) One word: commitment

Photo: Andreas Coenen

26) Clever......

Photo: Thomas Flanagan

27) Those hipsters at it again.....

Photo: Strepik

bear tattoo strepik

28) Bears, warewolves... They're all the same thing really

Photo: Phil Hatchet Yau

29) It's got everything you could want from a good bear tattoo

Photo: Pinterest

Black Bear Tattoo

30) No regrets!

Photo: TeidiTattoo