1) Muscle van

Photo: chasewgregory.com

2) Questionable intentions

Photo: pinterest

3) Classic vibes

Photo: arm.tattoos2015.tumblr.com

4) Seems legit...

Photo: designyoutrust.com

5) Stylin'

Photo: nkybeer.com

6) Splitty

Photo: pinterest

7) The Thing loves his Dubs

Photo: pinterest

8) Summer of love

Photo: tattooideas247.com

9) Keep reachin' for that rainbow

Photo: tattooset.com

10) Subtle

Photo: thesamba.com

11) So, you're a fan then?

Photo: volkszone.com

12) Philly style

Photo: why.vw.com

13) Limited

Photo: blog.tatoodo.com

14) If he ever loses his Haynes Manual, he can still change the sparkplugs

Photo: pinterest

15) Some people said Graham was hot headed...

Photo: pinterest

16) 'Clementine' was preferable to 'Jaffa'

Photo: inkedman.com

17) *SPLUFF*

Photo: newbeetle.org

18) 'An 80's style reflection will be unique'

Photo: tatts.7showing.com

19) '... Oh'

Photo: thesamba.com

20) Keeping it realistic

Photo: thesambe.com

21) Less so

Photo: w4forum.co.uk

22) Jake Bug could never escape the critics

Photo: airkewld.com

23) It's French for 'Looks dope, but the miles-to-the-gallon ratio is terrible'

Photo: cross tattoo

24) After the frostbite incident, Heidi's toes now read SWAG

Photo: media.beta.photobucket.com

25) Scenic


26) 'What do you mean, it looks like it's been done in biro?'

Photo: eye5studio

27) Steve thought girls would love it. Steve was wrong

Photo: ache2.corradodatabase.com

28) Fresh

Photo: i1197.photobucket.com

29) Classic half-cab

Photo: hipgram.com

30) Pick the kids toys up first, eh pal?

Photo: thesamba.com

31) The insurance company didn't accept that Jenny's VW was protected by a guardian angel

Photo: hooniverse

32) Patriotic

Photo: photobucket.com

33) A bit too keen

Photo: photobucket

34) Cheryl Versini Fernandez got involved

Photo: pinterest

35) Sadly for Dave, so is being single

Photo: thesamba.com

36) Sick

Photo: tattoodonkey

37) The style equivalent of Comic Sans

Photo: tattooinspiration.com

38) Reppin'

Photo: airalmighty

39) Super simple

Photo: thesamba.com

40) You'll never be able to unsee that nipple once you've spotted it

Photo: tattoopins.com

41) The dude at number 11 is going to be furious

Photo: airalmighty

42) Karl honestly thought this would work instead of taking his key

Photo: pinterest

43) #PrayForGoodEmissionsTestResults

Photo: bing.com

44) 'Can you make it look beat up and rusty please?'

Photo: pinterest

45) Cheeky

Photo: pinterest

46) For all the TopGear fans out there: that black thing above the tattoo is a bra strap

Photo: pinterest

47) His and hers

Photo: pinterest

48) Peace, love, and Vee-Dub

Photo: i.imgur.com

49) There's always some questionable tribal

Photo: locobandito.blogspot.com

50) Seriously, tribal is never okay

Photo: thesamber.com

51) Hint of nipple again

Photo: fyeahtattoos.com

52) Thanks Cribbins for that

Photo: pinterest

53) Err, we're not sure either

Photo: pinterest

54) Cupcake cruising

Photo: pinterest

55) Menacing. Real menacing

Photo: pinterest

56) Flaming

Photo: tattoopins.com

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