It's bad news for all fuzzy faced men this week, as a survey by social network company Eva has discovered that having a beard can mean some pretty crappy stuff for a guy...

The company surveyed 2,000 people, who claimed that men who have facial hair are more likely to fight, steal, cheat and lie.

As well as being all round terrible people, the study also found that bearded men are probably not getting any either, with 65% of women claiming that they prefer a strong clean shaven jaw.


Out of all men surveyed, 45% with a goatee admitted to having been in a fight, compared to only 29% of peace-loving clean shaven men.

Long mustachioed men were the worst culprits of infidelity, with 47% admitting to being unfaithful, compared to only 20% of clean-shaven men.

Finally, 40% of bearded men surveyed admitted to having stolen something at some point, compared to just 17% of their clean-shaven counterparts.


First we found out about beards being as dirty as toilet seats, now this?! It seems like fuzz faced man just can't catch a break....

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