For any athlete, packing for an Olympic games must be an important part of getting into the right head space for time ahead.

We all know how discomforting it feels to be thousands of miles away from home when you realise that the one thing you really want - is still at home.

Looking into athletes bags is a fascinating way to see into their psyche and get an insight into what goes on in the Olympic village.

The rad guys over at Love Holidays got in touch with some GB Olympians from some of the past Games, to ask them what their must have suitcase essentials were.

What they said is pretty interesting...



Ian Hallam -1962 Mexico games

He packed:

  • Gray’s Anatomy and Restorative Dentistry books,
  • Vick’s vapor rub,
  • His lucky long white socks
  • Rolls of tape in the GB colours
  • A camera



Mick Bennett - 1972 Munich Games

  • Cycle shorts
  • Bicycle tyres
  • Favourite bike
  • His diary
  • Teddy bear (made by a women he worked with at St Chad’s hospital in Birmingham)
  • Photo of his mother



Robin Croker - 1976 Montreal Games

  • Green address book
  • Sandoz blue-faced wrist watch
  • A suitcase covered in stickers from his travels
  • His leather racing shoes, and most importantly
  • His hopes, aspirations, and memories of fantastic team mates



Donna Fraser - Sydney 2000

  • Running spikes made by her sponsor,
  • hair products,
  • good luck cards,
  • Bassett’s wine gums
  • Oakley sunglasses




Gail Emms - 2008 Beijing 

  • English tea bags
  • DVD box sets
  • A pack of cards
  • Poker chips
  • Multi-use face cream
  • Jaffa cakes