tats 14

Tattoos and skateboarding go together like peaches and cream. Or heroin and needles. I'm not sure which is the more appropriate analogy.

You know what we mean though right? Both have that kind of punk-rock, in-your-face vibe and it's unlikely your gran would be in to either.

Basically what we're trying to say is that skateboarding and tattoos (and the scenes surrounding them) are pretty complementary.

Despite all that there's no guarantee that the two come together the results will be good. In fact, as our gallery shows, the results are frequently god-awful...

tats 2

This is weird. It's as if the tattoo artist spent loads of time on the body and then got lazy and just copy-pasted a shitly drawn zombie head from somewhere else.

tat 1

This looks absolutely crazy... until you realise that it's not real. Those tats have been added to the models after the shoot by illustrator/artist Mike Giant.

tats 5

This one could easily be a girl skateboarding, we're not sure. It's pretty androgynous and very old school.

tats 6

A cat, skateboarding on a pizza. What do you mean that's weird?!?

tats 7

Continuing with the animal theme is this oddity. Maybe he got sick of shouting at people to clean up after their dog?

tats 8

This dude's gone all out with this Vision Streetwear foot tattoo...

tats 9

Whereas this guy's just taking the piss! Grubby feet says he doesn't give a shit.

tats 10

Wow. Now THAT'S commitment! This guy must really love Vans...

tats 11

Apparently the Thrasher Goat/Pentagram is one of the most tattooed emblems ever. This dude makes the list 'cos his 'Hail Skatan' is funny as...

tats 12

There are three ways to do back pieces. The Good (this is full-on committed and kinda cool)...

tats 13

...The Bad (why are his arms so skinny and his head so small?)...

tats 14

...and The Ugly. Yep, Ryan Sheckler has his OWN NAME tattooed across his shoulder blades. Could you get any more jock?

tats 15

Jim Phillips' Santa Cruz screaming hand crops up in a lot of tattoos. Unfortunately this one's not been drawn very well. And we've deducted extra points for spelling 'skate' as 'SK8' - what are we, tween-age girls?

tats 16

Full props to this dude for trying! Why bother getting the hand tattooed when you could get your hand tattooed?

tats 17

This is just a bit try-hard. Skeleton? Check. Skateboarding? Check. Checked shirt? Errr... check. Could you get much more cliched? Oh and the proportions are all wrong too.

tats 18

If that's the case, why would you get it tattooed on yourself?

tats 19

"I'd like a demonic puppet, dressed as the artful dodger, playing a banjo whilst kick-flipping a skateboard please" said no-one, ever. Oh no wait, this dude did...

tats 20

I'd LOVE to know the story behind this one! Hilarious.


tats 21

The broken skateboards-heart thing is pretty common, but this one beats most of them. Love hurts!

tats 22

Who knew there were people out there who loved finger boarding so much?!

tats 23

This one is kinda cool, some good ink-work around the lower forearm and... ah, who are we kidding, you're not looking at the tattoo here are you?