We've all heard of the tiny homes trend, but this apartment is taking things to another level.

Meet Travelbox, ultimate frugal house for those of us that like live out of a suitcase and change our country of residence on a whim.

Everything that you need to set up house on an adventure, from a bed, to shelves and a table and chairs, to a bike to get around, can be folded into one tiny futuristic looking box.


"To most, it seems implausible to explore new cities around the world and live comfortably with quality furniture on a tight budget" says the team behind Travelbox.

"A cheap, easy and totally environmentally minded lifestyle"

"The Travelbox takes these two competing desires and suggests that they don’t need to be mutually exclusive."

"By consolidating our most essential furniture needs – bed, table, chair, and storage – into one compact arrangement, the Travelbox offers its users the potential to accompany them in all of the diverse places where life may lead!"


We think this is such an awesome idea for life's never ending travellers.

Set out your moveable apartment in whatever space you find yourself in this week, and you'll be at home, no matter where you are in the world!

A cheap, easy and totally environmentally minded lifestyle, TravelBox is the future of the nomad....


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