Would you allow a total stranger to tattoo whatever he wanted onto your body?

That's exactly what these brave people did at Milk Gallery over the last week, as part of the project Whole Glory.

The twist however, is that this was no normal stranger. It was world renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell, a tattooist with a usual waiting list of more thanĀ a year.


Participants were chosen through an in-person lottery on the day, with the lucky chosen ones sat with their arm through a hole in the wall, while Campbell drew on theirĀ trust tattoo.

"The freedom that came from people handing me such complete trust was amazing"said Campbell in an interview with Milk.

"I have had clients come to me with 'do whatever you want' before, but i think the wall also helps me claim the freedom they extended."


If you want a tat by Campbell too, you'll now unfortunately have to get in the line.

For the time being however, have a look at his awesome designs here.