A Bit Much? | Surfer’s Truck Vandalised After Publishing Photos of Secret Surf Spot

Angry locals slashed a photographer's tyres and spray painted his truck in retaliation...

Photos: Ben Landricombe / Facebook

We all know surfers tend to be tight-lipped when it comes to secret spots, and the unwritten rule says that you should never give a spot away.

We also know it’s a sport infamous for localism. An early surfer of the Eisbach river wave in Munich once told us that if we’d come to their wave in the 80s they would’ve “thrown [our] cameras into the water to protect the place”. That may sound extreme, but now that their wave has become an international phenomenon, even the guys that first made it possible to surf there have to get up at 4am and rig it with lighting if they want to surf without queues.

Still, throwing a stranger’s camera gear in a river seems a bit much right? Well what about vandalising a photographer’s pick up truck with insults straight out a U.S teen drama after they’ve given away your surf spot? And leaving them threatening messages online for good measure?

A beach in Plymouth Photo: Getty Images

Landricombe, 36, told the Plymouth Herald that after the article was published he started getting online messages saying “they were going to beat [him] up”.

He also posted pictures which showed his car had been vandalised with the words “kook” and “snitch” in red spray paint, and wrote in a Facebook post “they punctured my tyres as well.”

Photo: Ben Landricombe

The Herald’s original post also included a lot of angry comments, including surfer Cohen Grayling saying: “Took us local surfers years of travelling around looking at surf spots at different tides and on different size swells for our advantage. Then one pic and it’s all over.”

Dave C Jones also noted: “Now everybody will be down here… thanks Herald.”

We’re not sure of the standing of the Plymouth Herald in the local surf community of course, but given that it’s written that there are normally “four or five” people at this spot, and that the right conditions only happen in the spot “about three times a year”, we still doubt the spot will become particularly overrun.

But we could be wrong. If you think we are, by all means let us know in the comments. We totally get why it was a mistake to publish those photos, but really that’s all it was – a mistake. Call us crazy for thinking it’s a bit odd to slash someone’s tyres and vandalise their truck in your bid to keep a surf spot secret, when it’s clear that such actions are obviously only going to draw more attention to the spot in question as well (doubt we’d be writing about it if they hadn’t done that).

Photo: Ben Landricombe

Landricombe, for his part, wishes he had never taken the photos to begin with.

He told The Inertia: “It was an accident and I just wanted to try to show some cool angles of the wave.

“I’m not a bad guy. I sort of wish I never took the shots, but a lesson learned. It’s gotten way out of hand. I’m a mellow surfer with good vibes and then you get these angry surfers who punch the water and scream when they make mistakes.

“The problem is that in the surf lately there’s far more anger than good so it’s making surfing a bit unpleasant. As Kelly Slater says, ‘The best surfers are the ones who are having the most fun. I’m going to hibernate now let it blow over.”

Our final say, for what it’s worth, is that the car kind of reminded us of the infamous 1998 Rover Saloon from Alan Partridge. Jurassic Park.

The famous 1998 Rover Saloon that appeared in I’m Alan Partridge.

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